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Misfit Ray Review – The Wearable You Want To Wear


Misfit Ray Review
For the Misfit Ray review, we paired the tracker with a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android Marshmallow 6.0.
Fashion always has been a part of Misfit’s DNA. The company always paid attention not only to the hardware capabilities of its devices but also on how they look and feel on the wrist. Mentality also reflected by the company’s past partnerships with Swarovski and, the somehow recent acquisition by Fossil.
Following in the footsteps of its 1-year-old now Misfit Shine 2, the new fitness tracker from Misfit, the Ray comes with similar features but also something new. Interested? Let’s start the review of the Misfit Ray.

Misfit Ray Review – Design

Misfit Ray’s number one selling point is its smooth, minimalistic design that lets you wear it as a simple piece of jewellery. The tracker is only 38-millimeter-long (1.5 inches), with a cylindrical shape and it comes in two colours; carbon black and rose gold.
In comparison to all the other trackers I have tried and worn, Misfit Ray looks classy and feels comfortable on the wrist. However, if you do not like your wrists busy with bracelets and accessories, you can still wear the tracker, around you neck with a thin gold chain or a black necklace.
Inside the cylinder are hidden the tracker’s smart sensors and three replaceable coin-cell batteries. Changing the tracker’s bands or the batteries is very simple. It is just a case of pushing-in the strap and twisting to the left or the right. It is not very obvious, and it requires a bit of force, but the new mechanism keeps secure the Misfit Ray once the band is on. I find the new locking mechanism a nice improvement over the previous models, considering the Shine 2 is renowned for popping out of its band.
On the underside of the cylindric tube, there is a tiny Misfit logo, while the top of the tracker features a small multi-coloured LED light. Also, Misfit made the Ray waterproof, so you can wear it at the beach.

Misfit Ray Review – Setup And App

To make use of your new Ray, you need either a compatible Android mobile or, an iPhone. To begin, insert the batteries into the tracker, download the app on your mobile, create and account, login into your Misfit account and only then you can connect the tracker to your mobile, via Bluetooth.

As the Ray does not have a screen, you might wonder how you can monitor and access your metrics in real time, without having to get your mobile out of your pocket. It is simple, as Misfit’s solution of indicating task’s completion or not, via lights and vibrations, works a treat. When you tap the Ray, the light flashes in different colours, based on how much of your daily goal is left to complete.
Another two nifty features of the Misfit Ray, are the “movement alert” function that alerts you for being idle for too long, and the silent alarm. More than that, you can customise the idle alert timer to be longer or shorter than an hour, just as you like.
Thanks to the vibration sensor, the Misfit Ray can push notifications to your Android or iPhone mobile. The device buzzes and an indicator light flashes whenever you get a call, text message or any third party app notification. True, you cannot reply from the Ray, just as you do with smartwatches, but still, it is an excellent feature. With my Ray, I have not missed a single call or message, even with my mobile on silent mode.

Misfit Ray Review – Activity Tracking

misfit ray tracker wearables
With the Misfit Ray, it is easy to stay motivated thanks to the company’s innovative system of points. The points system does not just count your steps, but it also factors in the calories burned, the distance travelled and so on. For this reason alone, I loved that I could wear the tracker on even in the shower, as it made me feel there was no lost opportunity in collecting points, as I tried to reach my daily quota.
On top of that, as a swimmer and if I would have had to buy the Ray, – I am lucky to wear one thanks to WTVOX – the waterproof function along the sound design would have been the selling point for me. The Ray is perfect for either tracking your swimming workout routine or, for wearing it on a casual day at the beach. Still, it has a downside as the Ray is not able to track your pool laps; other trackers, such as the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition, have that function.
Misfit Ray’s three-axis accelerometer is another great addition, very useful when it comes to tracking your steps, the calories burned and the distance you travel, every day. Though the Ray is unable to track your heart rate – the way the Fitbit Blaze does – Misfit’s pairing App has a function that allows the tracker to estimate your pulse, by using the light on your smartphone.

Misfit Ray Review – Sleep

misfit ray sleep tracking
The sleep tracking capability is more than decent on the tracker, and it works just as expected. Even though the recorded data is not as comprehensive as it usually is with other Fitbit trackers, the Ray can still show you the time when you were awake, your light sleep moments, and even your deep sleep in an easy-to-understand graph.

Misfit Ray Review – Smart Devices Control

misfit ray smart control
If you control your smart devices at home, with your smartphone, you are going to love knowing that the Misfit Ray can do that too. Just install the Misfit Link app on your mobile, which then lets you sync your Misfit Ray with most of your smart home devices and control them using a series of taps.

Misfit Ray Review – Battery Life

Using the same batteries as the Shine 2, the tracker can last up to six months on one set of batteries. The Ray needs three button cell batteries, cheap and easy to install so no worries here at all.

Misfit Ray Review – Verdict

The new Ray is one of the most stylish trackers that come out this year. More than that, the device is moderately priced, can track your activity and sleep, it is waterproof and pairs up with an always excellent app.
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If you were hoping the Ray can do more, such as recording your heart rate, you are in the wrong category of fitness trackers. Spend twice as much might get you something that looks good and also has an HR sensor. However, if you all want is just an activity tracker that looks great, doesn’t need charging every day, and it does not try to do a bunch of things you do not care about, then the Ray is the tracker for you.
It is – by far – the best-looking fitness tracking device I have had the pleasure to wear this year. Truth being said, I am going to keep the Ray, provided the bosses don’t mind.
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