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Kate Spade Is Launching the Cutest Fitness Trackers Ever


We’re obsessed with the fitness trackers we wear—they’re a vital part of our workout and wellness routines. But let’s be real: They’re ugly. At best, you can rock an all-black silicone rubber thing and hope no one notices it. But what if they were spiffed up? Kate Spade has stepped in to help us all out with a new line of super cute trackers and smartwatches. And when we say cute, we mean we’d even wear them as regular jewellery.

Ranging in price from $125 (for the silicone or bangle tracker; each comes in two designs) to $250 (a full-on watch), the collection offers up some high-tech features (taking photos, call notifications, fitness tracking, music control) combined with the brand’s whimsical touches. Think pastel colours, fun sayings (“Cheers!”), and mother of pearl, which makes for a surprisingly delicate-looking bangle. The two watches in the collection look like standard leather timepieces, but the faces are adorably adorned. All are iPhone and Android compatible.

Kate Spade isn’t the first fashion brand to venture into the wearable tech world. Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch have also stepped in to add a touch of luxe to our trackers.
It turns out we want form and function, and thanks to this collection, it’s now possible to have both without paying a crazy amount. Plus, we can totally picture these on a rocking arm party. The silicone tracker is available starting in September at Kate Spade New York stores and the brand’s website. The bangle and smartwatch will be available in November. Tracking your steps never looked so good.
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