Fashion Tech France – Top Six Startups


Fashion Tech France – Top Six Startups
We have covered a lot the UK and US based startups, changing the face of the fashion industry but didn’t include the European market.
As from today, I am in charge of the “European Fashion Tech Startups” here at WTVOX; I’ll be covering everything that takes place in the capital cities of Europe, fashion and technology related of course.
This week, we start with France and its beautiful capital city, Paris. Next week, we stop in Berlin, Germany and the week after, we touch Holland’s most famous city, Amsterdam. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Fashion Tech France – Clother

1. Fashion Tech France - Clother
Clother is an app that allows men to dress according to the tastes of women. That’s right. The app allows men to do their shopping based on what women prefer.
Rather than spending hours in stores or on the internet trying to find the right clothes, it is now possible to find the right outfits, with a click of a button, where fashion experts handpick the outfits matching the buyer’s criteria.

New products populate the app every day. Also, extra “requests” can be unlocked allowing the customer to interact with the designers, apply for and obtain a customised collection, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.
Thanks to Clother, the days of endless hesitations between several garments are gone. Get dressed faster and better, saving time and money.

2. Fashion Tech France – Spartan

2. Fashion Tech France - Spartan
Spartan: the high-tech underwear that blocks 99 percent of WiFi and smartphone radiations. Spartan is a new type of protective underwear, designed for the ultra-connected men who wear all day their phone in their pocket.
Designed to block potentially damaging waves from mobile phones and wireless devices, the Spartan underwear collection uses a unique high-tech type of fabric made of pure silver fibres cleverly meshed into the cotton threads of the garment.
This silver fibre mesh acts as an electromagnetic shield that prevents the waves from reaching the genitalia of the user, protecting the crown’s jewels. I have heard Andy Murray wears similar underwear, made by a UK based company but don’t take my word for it, better ask him on Twitter.
Other advantages apart from protecting the future family members is the antibacterial capabilities of the fabric as the Silver is a well-known material since the ancient times used to kill bacterias and al sorts of parasites.

3. Fashion Tech France – DRESS in the City

3. Fashion Tech France - DRESS in the City
A new app that provides the user with a new mobile service for selling and buying fashion, at an event, right from the mobile. As a salesperson, the app gives you the freedom of movement, not being forced to stay by the stand.
As a buyer, it is even easier. You search for the products offered, and the app organisers place them in a shopping area only for your, ready to try.
As a seller, your unsold garments can also be made available right after the event, online, on the DRESS in the City cloud platform, via the mobile app. So, how does it work? Well, just like this:
– Register for an event.
– Record the products you want to sell.
– Browse the products pre-registered by the sellers.
– Create your wishlist.
– Try on and buy.

4. Fashion Tech France – DandyBox

4. Fashion Tech France - DandyBox
There are lots of “beauty boxes” for women (Glossybox , Birchbox, My little box, etc.). Dandybox is another type of beauty box but this time dedicated to the opposite sex.
The concept is somehow identical to the beauty boxes for women with some exceptions: the boxes for men are more expensive and contain a bit more than just cosmetics. It works almost like a subscription where every month or two, the customer receives at home a box containing a wide selection of accessories and also high-end products hard to find or procure, all for a special price of 49.90 euros.
The more boxes, the cheaper the service and the company can order in bulk, commanding special prices from the manufacturers so jump on board.

5. Fashion Tech France – Alegory

5. Fashion Tech France - Alegory
Alegory is a young Parisian brand that offers shoes for women, combining fashion with innovation: Alegory’s shoes have removable heels through an invisible and comfortable mechanism. Also, the shoes come with lifetime warranty.
With Alegory’s adjusting mechanism, you can now change the height of your heels and even the style to match your outfit, in an instant. These shoes feature a leather lining, a leather sole, and come with two pairs of heels by default, in two different sizes and colours.

6. Fashion Tech France – MyPersonalCloset

6. Fashion Tech France - MyPersonalCloset
Your personal designer, in the comfort of your home. MyPersonalCloset is a free, online-powered fashion designer that can help you find the best outfit for you. Just enter your fashion taste, requirements and measurements to the portal, and have the best styles and budget matches sent to your door.

The AI selection of shoes and outfits is then sent via standard mail to your home or office, and once received you’ll have a week to try them on and decide if you like and want to keep them.
Hope you have enjoyed our brief fashiontech in Paris. I also hear that Barcelona has a robust fashion tech culture and hey, if you know something interesting, just let me know. My email is at the top of the article; let me see your comments below.