Fashion Innovators Awarded By H&M Foundation


Fashion Innovators Awarded By H&M Foundation. The Global Change Award, an annual innovation challenge for circular fashion initiated by the non-profit H&M Conscious Foundation was introduced in August 2015 by the non-profit H&M Conscious Foundation privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of H&M.

At the inaugural edition have participated over 2,700 innovators from 112 countries and five of the best were awarded for their innovations and support to the fashion industry.
In 2016, following a majority of votes, a grant of €300,000 was awarded to the Finnish team that designed a technology able to convert waste-cotton into new textiles.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden awarded the winners of the first Global Change Award.

Fashion Innovators Awarded By H&M Foundation – 1st Edition.

€300,000 to Making Waste-Cotton New – conversion of waste-cotton into new textiles. Innovation team head: Michael Hummel, Finland.
Fashion Innovators Awarded - Making waster cotton new Team
€250,000 to Polyester Digester – using microbes to recycle waste polyester textile. Innovation team head: Akshay Sethi, U.S.
Fashion Innovators Awarded - Polyester Digester Team
€150,000 to ‘An online market for textile leftovers’ – a marketplace for industrial upcycling of the spill in production. Innovation team head: Ann Runnel, Estonia.

€150,000 to 100 Percent Citrus – creating new textile out of citrus juice production by-products. Innovation team head: Enrica Arena, Italy. The same team, in a collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo, has launched a sustainable collection based on citrus fruit fibre.

€150,000 to Growing Textile Fibre Underwater – utilising algae to make renewable textile. Innovator: Tjeerd Veenhoven, the Netherlands.

Fashion Innovators Awarded By H&M Foundation – 2nd Edition.

Last year the five winners were decided by a board of eight fashion and science experts, and the public was allowed to vote online for their favourites from 2nd of March until the 2nd of April.

The 1m euros grant was distributed among the five finalists and their projects as following:

€300,000 to Grape Leather: Using leftovers from winemaking to create fully vegetal leather. Without using harmful chemicals, the process strides towards reducing chemical and energy consumption in synthetic leather production.
Fashion Innovators Awarded - Grape Leather Team
€250,000 to Solar Textiles: This project presents a new concept for producing nylon, using only water, plant waste and solar energy.
Fashion Innovators Awarded - Solar Textiles Team
€150,000 to Content Thread: An investigation into the concept of creating garment DNA by implementing RFID (radio frequency identification) threads into textiles. The digital yarns would feel like conventional ones but would provide recyclers with essential information about the fabric’s ‘ingredients’.

€150,000 to Denim-Dyed Denim: Continuing the momentum of exploring alternative dyeing techniques (as outlined in Considered Colour), this pitch considers the creation of recycled colouring powder from used denim to dye new denim.

€150,000 to Manure Couture: The study explores manure waste as a niche production source. The cellulose contained in cow manure could be extracted and turned into biodegradable fibres.
The 2nd edition has received over 2,800 applications from 130 countries.

For the third annual Global Change Award, just as in the previous years five winners will share a €1 million grant, a trip to Stockholm to attend the grand award ceremony on April 20th, and a one-year innovation accelerator program which will provide the winning team with support and invaluable access to the fashion industry.

The third round of applications is closed now, and the screening process is now in full effect. Read more here on the official website.