The Never-ending Relationship Between Fashion and Technology

Eamon Kunze
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Fashion and Technology. Or, fashion is technology? Let’s see…

As we look back at the past decade in fashion, we have to ask: How much did technology impact fashion?

“Technology rules. It changes the world,” stated Karl Lagerfeld in 2016, the year he sent on the runway models wearing robot masks.

Indeed, it does.

Nowadays, technology is omnipresent in fashion.

Fashion and Technology – Experiential Era

Experiential fashion

The fashion industry uses technology to create lab-grown raw materials and to process them.

To manage inventory and to ensure on-time delivery.

Technology, in various shapes, forms and flavours, is now part of the entire fashion process.

It has transformed not just manufacturing, but also the way we shop.

Technology has played a key role in the transition from the brick-and-mortar to rental e-commerce stores.

Now, technology pushes the fashion industry towards experiential fashion outlets.

Fashion and Technology – Physical to Digital

Digital fashion design

The same way, when it comes to fashion designers, technology is changing again the way they work – from physical to digital and virtual fashion.

Technology put at the disposal of fashion social media and more recently, the AI, for a more sustainable future.

Fashion has, without a doubt, embraced technology in so many ways.

There’s technology in manufacturing, design, transportation, and even in marketing.

But, to give you a better understanding of how technology has changed fashion, we’ll put together a timeline of the most original adoptions of technology in fashion.

Fashion and Technology – First Online Collection

Helmut Lang first online fashion collection

The journey starts with Helmut Lang, the first designer to launch a fashion collection on the internet, via CD-ROM.

Lang explains his idea of getting his 1998 fall collection online:

“I knew that the internet would grow into something much bigger than anyone has ever imagined. So, I guessed it was the right time to challenge the norm and put my collection online,” he explained.

“It was shocking at the beginning but also the start of the new normal. Moreover, to increase the appeal of the digital format, I gave buyers access to an unfiltered view of my work”, he continued.

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