An Ethical Fashion Startup Aims To Change The World For Good


An ethical fashion startup from London designs watches that could change the world.

Ethical Fashion Startup – A New Social Enterprise

James Lucy is the brainchild of James Clark, a 33-year-old London-based entrepreneur driven by a strong social conscience. His new social enterprise aims to change the watch market by doing, to the humble wristwatch, what TOM’s did for the espadrille.
Ethical fashion startup James Lucy watch on a man with a white blue shirt in the nature
With social and environmental benefits at the core of its mission and vision, James Lucy’s ethos is to donate at least 50% of the profits obtained in the first year to charities around the world. The donation amount will then rise to 75% in the second year, to as close as 100% from the fifth year onwards.
By employing such an innovative business model, James hopes that any progressive business growth will translate into giving more to good causes across the world.

There’s more value to Jame’s business model His ethical Fashion Startup employs the value co-creation model by allowing the buyers to select to which charities the profits will be donated. In this way, customers play the key role in the allocation and re-investment of the company’s profit, leading to higher levels of trust and transparency.

Ethical Fashion Startup – Watches That Are Changing The World

Having launched a crowdfunding campaign on on the 12ve of June 2018, James Lucy hit 90% of its target within just four days. The brand is offering a range of three watch designs, each in three colour options, resulting in nine unique styles in total.
Moreover, the brand brings a range of quick release straps including a classic leather strap (in four colour options), an elegant wool strap (two options), a modern classic in the Nato strap (three options), and a Wolrd’s First – the Gaucho Strap (in three options).

Inspired by the belts worn by Gauchos in Argentina, these straps have never been seen before and without a doubt will turn a few heads around with their interesting design and bright colours.

Altogether, to start with James Lucy will have over a hundred possible combinations, with more lines and options to be introduced in time.

Ethical Fashion Startup – The Mission

Although the watch market is a highly profitable economic sector, a very small percentage of the profit is reinvested back into the society. Giving back is a new business that emerging brands such as James Lucy could employ to make their mark on the market.
Moreover, while obtaining global recognition and making financial, such pro-sustainability brands promote the development of social, environmental and economic systems by ensuring that the profits are given back to good causes.
Ethical Fashion Startup - Lames Lucy's Mission
James Lucy’s long-term mission is to change the way people think about consumerism. In time, the brand will launch more popular consumer products, at affordable prices, and continue to give the profits to charities. The company believes that money should be put back into saving our planet, and the people and animals that are on it, by leveraging consumerism in a clever way.

Achieving such goal is full of challenges but the company is built on the belief that a new generation of ethical consumers is rising fast; when asked to choose between two similar watches, at a similar price point, it is likely they’ll go for the one which is made by a company that donates its profits to charities.

Ethical Fashion Startup – How It works

The company needs help to spread the word of such noble initiative. At the moment James Lucy is approaching “Time Givers” through social media and via the IndieGoGo campaign. Each time people spread the word and buy James Lucy products, the generated revenue is donated to the charity of their choice and in their name.Ethical fashion brand James Lucy gold watch for women
James Lucy has in plan a “#Time4” campaign, which will promote three charity sectors – that will split the money between – each year:

    • #Time4Time (Medical) charities that give more time to the sick through life-changing medical research.
    • #Time4Change (Environmental) charities that are working to make much-needed changes in the world, from preventing sewage waste and chemical dumping, to planting more trees and stopping deforestation.
    • #Time4Good (Humanitarian) any charity working to help people around the world.

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As a forward-thinking company, all the brand’s activities are geared around social good, the environment, and equality. Starting with watches, James Lucy aims to grow their business into new sectors and revolutionise the way we think about consumerism around the world.
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