Egyptian Fashion Trends In 2018 – Everything You Need To Know


Egyptian Fashion Trends In 2018 – Not many fashion buyers know that for decades, a large number of established fashion designers, from all over the world, have been taking inspiration from Ancient Egypt’s designs in their stunning fashion collections. Egypt’s unique culture has been and remains influential in so many aspects of the fashion world, from fabric choices to embellishments and accessories, and from make-up styles to fashion shows and catwalks.

In a previous article on WTVOX, we discussed the cycles of fashion and how the fashion industry depends on passing styles, temporary trends, and seasonal changes.

For that, while Ancient Egypt has been a huge influence in the design of contemporary fashion, with its beautiful patterns and motifs, the modern Egyptian fashion remains a pillar of influence in the world of fashion.

Egyptian Fashion In 2018 – Light Garments

Egyptian fashion has always been about practicality. Due to the country having a hot climate, the Ancient Egyptians resorted to wearing light fabrics such as linen. Various types of linen were then produced, with a transparent, sheer style.

The secret of those garments was comfort and easy to wear.

Egyptian Fashion In 2018 - Light Garments

Modern day Egypt still values comfortable fashion styles. Take for example the Instagram-based Egyptian clothing line Civilian Clothing, which was launched just a few months ago.

The brand offers casual clothing that features fashion-forward styles, without sacrificing comfort. While the new pieces are made out of a variety of fabrics aside from linen, all garments retain the original styles and the flowing elements of Egyptian fashion, that are well suited for the hot and dry weather.

Egyptian Fashion In 2018 – Embroidery and Jewellery

The Ancient Egyptians’ discovery of gold has urged them to adorn their bodies with new kinds of lavish jewellery and innovative designs.

Gold became a symbol of status in the Egyptian society, and the amount of gold worn on the body indicated the wearer’s social class. Most popular jewellery in those times were bracelets, earrings, and rings, but also collar pieces, armbands, and anklets.

Queen Cleopatra remains a perfect example of Ancient Egypt’s glamorous fashion style. Aside from her unrivalled beauty, history records often mention her obsession with golden accessories.

Part of her charm was attributed to her elegant fashion style and the extravagant amount of gold jewellery she wore as depicted by Elizabeth Taylor in a 1963 film.

Cleopatra’s strong affinity for gold and fashion is one of the most used ‘brand images’ to date. Many companies, use the image of Cleopatra in all sorts of marketing related activities, from Spa’s and Hotels to Casino and Bingo games.

Cleopatra’s reliance on fabric embellishments, beads and gemstones, and her style remain one of the most featured in both, modern fashion and haute-couture collections.

See, for instance, the Elie Saab’s Spring 2017 collection which has paid homage to Egypt’s golden age, through the gowns’ embellishments and complementary jewellery of gold.

Egyptian Fashion In 2018 – Sandals

It is not only gold that made the Ancient Egyptians so appealing in those times. Most Egyptians were known to walk barefoot, with sandals worn on public events and special occasions. Even in those times, Egyptian sandals were made from different materials.

Leather for the upper classes, while the lower class had to wear sandals made of woven palm and papyrus.

Egyptian Fashion In 2018 - Egyptian Sandals

Long before the idea of fashion took place in Europe, Ancient Egyptians were using gems and precious metals to fashion their sandals.

This trend has evolved into what we nowadays know as gladiatorial footwear, with long straps wrapped around the legs, a style still relevant in today’s fashion, when it comes to summer collections.

Egyptian Fashion In 2018 – Egypt in the International Scene

Recent years have seen Egyptian designers making waves in international fashion shows and events. For example, fashion designer Farida Temraz has represented her country at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Farida’s evening gowns are defined as pure haute-couture, and yet, it is clear that her garments uphold many elements of Egyptian culture, at least in terms of embroidery and overall style.

It is not onlyFarida Temraz that carries the Egyptian fashion flag high but also Okhtein, endorsed by the international pop star Beyoncé, and Aboul Enein, a globally recognised designer who became famous after showcasing his collection two years ago in London, at the Fashion Week 2016.

It is beautiful to see how Egyptian fashion has come a long way, from its ancient roots to where it is nowadays. While the past may be credited for timeless fashion styles, let’s not forget that modern Egypt is still a force when it comes to modern fashion trends.