Best 5 Eco-Friendly Activewear Collections For A Conscious Style

Mandy Meyer
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Our top 5 eco-friendly activewear collections for all occasions, only for those who are in love with conscious and mindful fashion styles.

If you are one of those conscious people who is taking care of her health by eating well, tracking the cardio goal or even meditation, activewear is a perfect match for your lifestyle.

Although the idea of activewear has been developed to promote a healthy way of living, most of the collections in the market are using chemicals and decomposable materials, which are not so healthy for you nor the environment.

For this reason, we have decided to choose five of our favourite eco-friendly activewear collections, for those unique individuals who truly care about their body, their soul, and their planet.

5. Pavlo

Phvlo Eco-Friendly Activewear for yoga Phvlo Eco-Friendly Activewear for work Phvlo Eco-Friendly Activewear for the gym
Phvlo eco-friendly activewear collection is based on the idea of ’25-hour lifestyle’.

That is, the adoption of a mindful lifestyle for a happier life.

The concept is projected in the collection’s superb designs: active, conscious, quality, timeless, sustainable, and multifunctional.

4. Adidas by Stella

Eco-Friendly Activewear - Adidas by Stella grey, white and red style Eco-Friendly Activewear - Adidas by Stella 2018 Eco-Friendly Activewear - Adidas by Stella aw2018
Adidas by Stella McCartney’s new eco-friendly activewear collection is a perfect combination of performance, aesthetic design and sustainable fashion.

The collection is full of bold innovations: sneakers from ocean collected plastics, garments made in a ‘zero-water’ dying process, and leggings from recycled polyester.

Each piece of this collection tells a story and stands out by unique designs.

3. Girlfriend Collective

Eco-Friendly Activewear - Girlfriend Collective diverse models Eco-Friendly Activewear - Girlfriend Collective black style Eco-Friendly Activewear - Girlfriend Collective red and white
Girlfriend Collective eco-friendly activewear collection is a breakthrough in the way activewear is made and designed.

It’s simple yet elegant design, in combination with peaceful colours, embraces diversity in age, body type, ethnicity, and size.

The eco-friendly activewear collection is uniquely designed to resonate with those who want to get in shape, be healthy and do good not just for themselves but for the others and the environment as well.

In this collection, the identity of its sustainable fashion brand, Reformation, is projected in its products design, the used materials, and production line.

The brand is famous for using circular techniques such as the use of recycled plastic bottles in its fabrics, as well as being socially conscious and fair trade certified.

2. Aday

Eco-Friendly Activewear - Aday Eco-Friendly Activewear - Aday navy with short boots Eco-Friendly Activewear - Aday for the gym
Believing in high quality, durability and timeless design, Aday’s new eco-friendly activewear collection is consciously made to last.

The combination of high-performance Intelligence Fabrics and its unique design makes the collection suitable for every occasion, from work to brunch or straight to the gym.

1. Patagonia

Eco-Friendly Activewear - Patagonia in the natureEco-Friendly Activewear - Patagonia jumperEco-Friendly Activewear - Patagonia vest
Since the fashion label truly ‘lives and breathes the great outdoors’, Patagonia’s eco-friendly activewear collection is specially made for outdoor lovers.

Patagonia’s strong commitment to labour rights, circular models, and the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions are projected by the brand’s production practices such as the use of recycled materials and fair trade sourcing as well as its unique product designs.

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