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Mandy Meyer
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Renown for its outwear, Canada Goose has gained a lot of attention in recent years.

Marketed as “luxury immune to weather and temporary fashion trends”, there’s a story worth telling about this brand.

Launched in a small Toronto warehouse in 1957 (that’s 63 years ago!), Canada Goose has become a name in outerwear apparel.

Proud of its Arctic heritage and driven by its passion for innovation, the Canadian brand sells functionality as a unique, ‘luxury-like’ value.

Designed to keep generations of women warm, Canada Goose outwear parkas have made it to the history books of fashion.

However, thanks to PETA, the brand has started to make it to the bad books of fashion as well.

Known for its ‘arctic heritage’ on cold-based products, the brand insists on traditional materials and ways of producing outdoor gear.

Canada Goose Heritage

Canada Goose brand was born in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada.

It goes back to the 1950s, when Sam Tick, its founder, created the brand’s first warm attires.

Canada Goose runway

In fact, Sam Tick founded Metro Sportswear Ltd in 1957, as an outwear brand specialising in raincoats, snowmobile suits, and woollen vests.

He wanted to design clothing for the harsh Arctic weather, keep people warm, and allow them to enjoy outdoor activities.

In 70s, Sam Tick’s son-in-law joined the team and came up with new ideas.

One of those ideas was the ‘Snow Goose’ brand, later changed to ‘Canada Goose INC’.

“When my grandfather started this company, more than 60 years ago, his vision was to make quality products that last a lifetime. I don’t know if he ever dreamed where we would be today, but I am sure he would be proud of what Canada Goose had become”, said Dani Reiss, C.M. President & CEO.

But, according to PETA, there’s not much to be proud of, when it comes to Canada Goose.

PETA on Canada Goose

According to PETA, the Canadian company represents anything but warmth.

In a recent investigation, PETA has shown that the fur trims that line the hoods of the company’s winter jackets come from wild animals.

Trapped, killed, and skinned wild animals.

Living and breathing beautiful animals become – in slow and painful processes – pieces of material stitched to jackets.

Trapped mothers, desperate to get back to their pups, die while chewing off their legs to escape.

Those who don’t succumb to blood loss, infection, or predators, are shot, bludgeoned, or killed in some other horrific ways, when the trappers return.

Once dead, the trappers skin them and their skinned bodies are discarded as unnecessary parts.

The animals’ fur is then sold to Canada Goose to be sewn into the hoods of their jackets.

But, every piece of fur trim comes from an animal who didn’t want to die.

Listening To Modern Consumers

In response, Canada Goose released a statement saying that every fashion brand is fuelled by consumer demand.

Canada Goose seeks to embody the need for comfortable outwears in cold weather.

As such, the choice for animal-based materials is necessary to ensure the company delivers exactly what customers demand.

However, according to PETA, not only animals but birds are made to suffer as well.

Geese used for their down are sent to the slaughterhouse, where the standard practice is to hang them upside down, stun them, and then slit their throats—often while they’re still conscious.

To PETA, Canada Goose’s products are not fashion but pieces of cruelty.

Canada Goose Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, people from all over the world purchase Canada Goose outwear.

With lightweight jackets, parkas, and excellent marketing campaigns, Canada Goose delivers couture for any taste.

Canada Goose experiential store

From the latest collection, the Shelburne and Gabriola parkas stand out, not only for their excellent insulation capabilities but also unique looks.

Though cold weather means indoors and heavy dressing, Canada Gooses gives a different sense with protective ultra-light and innovative jackets.

The collections are designed to fit both cold and warm weather.

Besides the cold attire fashion, the company also invests in Berkley jackets to help in the rain season.

Experiential Stores Global Expansion

More recently, the Canadian brand plans to open six new stores, in addition to the eleven stores it has on three continents.

The expansion will see the brand expand to Europe with two stores, one in the United States, and another three in Canada.

Canada Goose experiential store

When asked why expanding to physical stores in time when all brands move online, a spokesman of the company commented:

“Our expansion is in response to our customers’ demand. Our customers demand stores where they can try our latest products while also creating exceptional moments.”

In Europe, the first Canada Goose outwear store will open in Milan’s via della Spiga.

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The second store will be in Paris’ Rue St. Honore.

Moreover, both new stores will be fitted with special cold showrooms, designed to offer unique customer experience.

The cold rooms will allow buyers to test their attires in real-life weather environments, and feel the ‘warmth’ of winter in the middle of the summer.

Vegan Canada Goose?

Far from that.

On the 22nd of April, 2020, Canada Goose announced that it would be switching from using fur from trappers to fur that is already on the market.

But, that is still a product of trappers and their cruel actions.

In reality, it is another marketing move that will conveniently allow Canada Goose to keep selling its fur-trimmed coats in California.

Why was this announcement needed?

Well, from 2023 California is banning fur.

fur free fashion

Moreover, this ‘change’ does nothing to help the ducks and geese whose throats are still being slit for their feathers to be used in the brand’s parkas.

If you feel that Canada Goose is attempting to greenwash the brand, have your say in the comments below and sign PETA’s petition on their website right now.

Let Canada Goose know that you won’t buy its jackets as long as they still use animal-derived materials.

Moreover, shop vegan and cruelty-free clothing and accessories, and ask your family and friends to do the same.

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