The Business Of Brain-To-Brain Communication

Bruce Knox
Brain Communication. Without a doubt, possible. However, to what extent?
What if the next “technology” to become obsolete is the language? Try imagining the world where there is no need to learn a new foreign language to communicate; in fact any language at all. However, how would we communicate then?

Brain Communication – How Real Is Telepathy?

What about telepathy? What if our brains could communicate, interact and exchange information with each other in new ways that would make the use of language obsolete?
Brain Communication

The computer-brain interfaces have passed the “early stages” long ago. Brain-to-brain communication, between two rats, have been proven by the researchers at Duke University. More than that, the researchers at Harvard have demonstrated that the tech works between a human and a rat too.
“Soon, we’ll be able to send thoughts to each other by using technology. You’ll be able to think of something, and your friends will be able to experience it too if you’d like”, said the CEO of Facebook in a Q&A session on his Facebook page a year ago.
This technology has already passed the early stages of research. You can already buy different types of headsets for brain-to-machine communication. Headsets that can read your brain activity and let you control the cursor on your screen, a small drone or even a robot.

Brain Communication – Zuckerberg And Telepathy

University of Washington researchers has performed the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface. The research was co-funded by the U.S. Army Research Office, conducted by Dr Stocco and his colleagues from the University of Washington.
One the first experiment, a researcher was able to send brain signals, via the Internet, and control the hand of another person.

In a more recent study, experts from France, Spain and Harvard University were able to transmit brain to brain signals, from India to France. An instant data transmission, over 5.000 miles distance, without invasive surgery.
Brain Communication - downloading human skills
Alvaro Pascual, the report’s co-author, said: “We wanted to find out if we could facilitate the communication between two people by reading out the brain activity from one person and “injecting” that brain activity into the second person’s brain.”

Dr Stocco anticipates that the brain-to-brain communication could be put to practical use within the next 20 years with one condition; the advances in neuroscience and technology continue at the current pace.

Brain Communication – What Comes After Telepathy?

Dr Stocco and his colleagues are working hard to find new, faster ways to transfer complex pieces of information and thoughts. The idea is to pass the limitations of the human language. Give birth to a new era of direct transmission of knowledge, from one brain to another.

Just imagine a scenario where we can extract a professor’s very elaborate representation of a difficult concept. Then, deliver the whole concept to a student, only via neural activity.
What would come next? A new type of market; the business of knowledge transfer and skills augmentation. From the transfer of information to the transfer or skills. For example, if you play golf you might wonder how much it would cost you to have some of Tiger Woods’ skills “transferred” to your brain.
Brain Communication simple diagram
The transfer of “skills” is going to become one of the most, if not the most, prosperous businesses of the future. I can not stop thinking of the potential problems, though: Skills storage. Skills theft. The backups of unique skills. Skills law, crime, rehabilitation. Also, can the body sustain and “catch up” with the newly obtained skills? If the new skill is a new language or pro level at the game of chess, then the answer is yes.
However, if the newly purchased skill is a Black Belt 2 Dan level in Taekwondo, then the answer is no. You body’s physical capabilities are yet to be developed to match the newly acquired skill. Is there a solution to this problem? What do you think? Would love to see your comments below.

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