Choosing The Best Date Night Smartwatch – Top 3 Rules By WTVOX


The good part about wearing smartwatches is that you can wear them like any normal watches, paired with wrist accessories and bracelets.
And yet, wearing a smartwatch comes with a twist, especially if you are looking for the best date night smartwatch, that can help you make a good impression on your date.

So let’s see, what are these three simple matching rules you must respect.

Best Date Night Smartwatch – Rule number one

Cut down on bracelets. I am going to assume that you like accessories and that the smartwatch you’re going to wear is another fashion statement for you to make.
If that’s the case, you have to understand that by adding a smartwatch to a wrist full of bracelets, you only raise visibility to the accessories you already wear.

best date night smartwatch -many bracelets on a woman's wrist

We all love rings and wristwear accessories, but if you go for 72 bracelets and thirty rings, not only that your smartwatch will become ‘invisible’ as it becomes overpowered by a mountain of accessories, but you also risk the chance to make your date night think you’re some sort of weirdo and run away.

This rule applies in particular to large smartwatches that don’t leave much space on your wrist. If your choice for the best date night smartwatch is big, don’t match it with too many bracelets and later on wonder why your date run off.

best date night smartwatch - woman casually dressed with stripes dress

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with showing off your style and exclusive credentials. But always remember this rule number one: the fewer rings on your fingers, and lesser bracelets on your wrist the more accent you put on your smartwatch, therefore the more attention it gets.

Best Date Night Smartwatch – Rule number two

Match the materials and colours. Always make sure you that the smartwatch you’re going to wear matches with your jewellery and bracelets. This is a very simple rule and it relates to the style and colour of your accessories, in relation to your chosen best date night smartwatch.

For example, if you want to wear a large metallic silver smartwatch, you must avoid gold accessories. Silver doesn’t match that well with gold, so stay away from this combo, especially if you are wearing a sporty outfit.

best date night smartwatch - woman in suit with apple watch

Similarly, if you select a classic style gold smartwatch, you cannot match it with heavy bracelets made from green leather, with silver studs, for example.
Gold is class, so stay classy with your choice for bracelets and rings as well. Gold with black stones, always works wonders, especially for select dinner dates.

Best Date Night Smartwatch – Rule number three

Always, but always, match your smartwatch to your outfit. As in, if you are going to go for a very casual date night, with a friend that you are already familiar with, you might want to go for a tracksuit outfit.

You might want to pair that with a pair of Adidas Parley or NMD’s, and if that is the case, you cannot wear a smartwatch that has a classic face.

Your only choice now is sporty smartwatch designs that match you, according to rules one and two above. Always make sure your smartwatch matches your accessories, your outfit, and the overall colour choice.

best date night smartwatch - silver watch with diamonds

Once you’ve nailed down rule number one, two and three, have a recap. Grab a mirror and have a general assessment of your style.

If you’ve gone for the casual outfit, you must go for a sporty smartwatch look, that matches your choice of colour for your outfit.

If you go extreme informal on your choice for the best date night smartwatch, make sure you go for a fabric strap on your smartwatch and remove all the gold rings and bracelets you might have. Otherwise, you risk looking like a chav.

You can still wear bracelets, but only one or two, made of fabric, and very, very thin ones. And yet, if you have a purse that stands out, avoid bracelets at all costs.

best date night smartwatch - white silver smartwatch on a red bottega veneta purse

On the other hand, if you went for a very classic dinner outfit, you must select an opulent and classic-looking smartwatch. You can go for gold or titanium, and pair it nicely with a couple of similar material bracelets and a ring.

But be careful when you chose your accessories, not to break rule number two. The choice for colour becomes critical at this point as it must match your general outfit and your choice of tone and style.

Best Date Night Smartwatch – Use The Watch Faces

For example, let’s say you went for a dark blue dinner suit. In this case, when you select your smartwatch, you must make sure it matches with your belt and shoes.

Brown shoes and brown belt match best with a gold smartwatch, where a pair of black shoes and black belt almost always work best with silver and black smartwatches.

Then, bracelets wise, if you went for the golden smartwatch on your choice for the best date night smartwatch, you must pair it with a dark blue and very thin bracelet. Now it matches your dark blue suit, brown shoes and belt, to perfection.

best date night smartwatch - a selection of brown accessories for a blue suit and a brown smartwatch

As for the silver watch, remember that it was selected to match with your black shiny shoes and belt. In this case, you should go for a black bracelet, to match your belt and shoe, shoes and even can add a skinny white one to match your white dinner shirt.

Overall, when it comes to pairing the best smartwatch for a dinner date, it is not that much about the watch, as it is about the overall outfit and the accessories you already plan to wear.

Always make sure you keep your jewellery game a bit understated, as you want the star of the evening to be your new smartwatch, to show that you’re not just an elegant and conscious individual, but also a smart, and tech-inclined person.

best date night smartwatch - brown suit for men with a cigar and a brown leather smartwatch

Above all, smartwatches have something that no other classical watches have. Most smartwatches have large numbers of software watch faces that let you season your watch to any style and design you might like. So, take it easy with the accessories, match the colours and that’s all.

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Now get your smartwatch, match it with a nice outfit and get that fashion tech statement out of the house, for your lovely date to see.