Become An Ethical Fashion Blogger – 5 Tips For Best Social Media Images


As an ethical fashionista, we all love to know about the latest styles and sometimes share our favourite ethical fashion brands with others. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever before to showcase our fashion taste and brag about our stylish outfits, whether for fun or as a profession, or even both!

However, good taste for clothes is only half of the job. To get all those likes on your Insta account, there are more things to consider. That’s why here we have 5 tips for you on how to create fashion photos for your social media.

1. Critical Planning

How to get the best picture for social media

Planning is an important step towards a successful photo-shoot. You should plan for the photo-shoot in advance to avoid last minute rush. There are lots of things to plan, for example, you need to make arrangements on collaborations with the makeup artists, stylist, illustrator and designer.

The crew you choose to collaborate can give you an advantage against the competitors. A good collaboration can result in a high-quality fashion photo shoot that inspires people to share them with social media.

Besides, you need to prepare a list of shots and create a schedule for them. It will make the crew more ready to take the shots.

Creating a schedule of the shots can help you to keep you on track and avoid the situation where nothing is achieved at the end of the shooting session. In your schedule, make sure to allow more time than the actual time that is needed to take the shots.

Photo Composition

Ethical fashion bloggers for instagram

It is necessary to find the right composition for the fashion photo. For example, you are having a photo-shoot of travel gear fashion photos.

In this case, the travel gears must be arranged in a way that appears balanced to get all the attention of the viewers. Placing an object in the wrong place may cause the picture to be empty and not balance.

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The time you shoot also matter. Ideally, you should shoot the photo after sunrise or before sunset. At this time, the sun will display a golden ray which can add some depths to the photo.

If you are not able to take the photo during these hours, just make sure there is enough light during the time you are taking the photo. This can avoid shadows in the photo, which can be hard to remove in the photo editor.

Choosing The Best Location

Best locations for Instagram pictures

The location where the fashion photo is shoot is equally as important as the model and the fashion item you are shooting.

If you can’t afford to rent a studio, you can find somewhere else that is suitable. For example, hotel lobby, car park, and garden. If it is on someone else’s property, make sure you ask for permission to use it. Preferably, it should be a location that is less intrusive to avoid getting attention from the passerby.

The background should be appropriate and not distracting to the viewers. A basic backdrop that allows the main subject to stand out is the most important.

If the background is ugly, you can use a background remover to replace the background.  The basic photo editor allows you to use a background brush to mark the unwanted background and remove it.

The Right Balance

Best ethical fashion pictures for social media

You can try to give the scene a theme and maintain harmony in the colours. To achieve a balance in the photo, choose fashion accessories with matching colours and add a bunch of flowers to the photo shoot to make the photo look nicer.

Large items must be balanced out with small items. Use your creativity when designing a balance shooting scene for your fashion items.

Correct Models For Each Photo Session

Ethical fashion social media influencers

You must find the right people for the photo shoot, people who demonstrate an interest in your fashion products. The look of the models can influence the impression that people have on your brand.

To keep them motivated, you should avoid asking people to volunteer for the photo shoot free. Instead, discuss with them about how much you can pay and get them to agree to work on your budget.

You can also compensate by taking care of the crew in other ways, for example, providing refreshments. If you can’t find the right person to photograph your outfit, you can use an Apple iPhone to capture your own selfie instead.

How to get best selfies for Instagram

Before pressing the snap button, make sure your outfit is neat as you don’t want people to comment that you are messy.