APEX SERIES – Next Gen Of Haute Couture With 3D Printing


Emerging Fashion Designers Signalling The Future Of Fashion. APEX SERIES is a fashion tech collaboration by Alexis Walsh and Justin Hattendorf that marries handcrafted embellishment and generative digital form. Artist and designer based in New York City, Alexis Walsh has graduated from the Parsons New School for Design, with honours, in 2015.

Alexis focuses on wearable tech design with integration of sculptural forms, as in using the human body as a canvas with the help of alternative technologies such as 3D printing and digital modelling in metal and plastic.

Emerging Fashion Designers - APEX Collection

Her design experience includes work at Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Lululemon Lab, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein Performance, with work shown in exhibitions and runway shows in New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Moscow, Dusseldorf, and Berlin.

A graduate of the Pratt Institute School of Architecture and is a Computational Designer at Mode Lab New York, Justin Hattendorf is a multiple discipline designer. His work finds inspiration in architecture, product, fashion, and industrial design. Justin aims to create surreal objects and environments by merging digital techniques with ‘tactile’ elements.

Interactive Algorithms ByΒ APEX SERIES

Their six-piece collaborative collection explores the fusion of traditional craft with 3D printed hardware for garments thanks to a custom design app. The app can merge tactile, intuitive nature of working by hand with complex, precise digital models. Once printed, the translucent hardware is outfitted with brass threads and manually screwed onto the garments.

Emerging Fashion Designers - APEX Collection

The design takes several complex steps by infusing fashion design with 3D printing and simulation, via custom, interactive algorithms. The full collection was debuted at the Harvard Identities Fashion Show, held on the 8th of April, curated and produced by Harvard. The collection was also featured at GE’s Industry in 3D exhibition on May 3.

The photoshoot was taken by Heather Leigh Cullum and modelled by Salome Brown, Adriana Recchia, and Ebony Jackson. The runway photos were taken by Katie Borrazzo and Andrew P. Hill, modelled by Adesola Sanusi, Eileen Egulf, and Ifeoma Okoli.

Emerging Fashion Designers - APEX Collection

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