Allbirds New Flip Flops Have All You Need From A Sustainable Alternative Footwear


Allbirds New Flip Flops Have All You Need From A Sustainable Alternative Footwear – By their most groundbreaking innovation, Allbirds has announced the launch of a sustainable alternative footwear to the traditional petroleum-based shoe soles.

Following its commitment to renewable energy, ethical sourcing and sustainability, Allbirds has developed a new technology, called Sweetfoam, to create sustainable alternative footwear. Allbirds’ new flip-flops are not only designed to be a bouncy comfort from the very first wear but also is an alternative footwear made of Sweetfoam Sole, a sustainable material extracted from sugarcane.

The proprietary outsole material made from sugarcane is engineered with the first green EVA, an alternative to the petroleum-based Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Moreover, sourced from Southern Brazil, the sugarcane used in the shoe soles is a natural high self-efficient corp that relies on rainwater to grow, making it a perfect sustainable alternative footwear.

To march for a more sustainable fashion industry, Jad Finck, the VP of sustainability and innovation of Allbirds told Fast Company that as the technology has the potential to have an impact on the footwear market at a much larger scale, the company aims to make the innovative technology mainstream by making the patent available to other manufacturer for free.

Allbirds New Sustainable Alternative Footwear - Towards Sustainable Fashion

This is the first ever alternative footwear to the non-renewable polluting petroleum-based shoe soles with a distinctive advantage: the production of this sustainable material is almost as cost effective as the other methods.

At an affordable price point of 35 USD, you can own your comfy Eco-friendly flip-flops, made of sugarcane, recycled polyester, and cushy castor bean oil foam, and indeed be proud of your carbon footprint!

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For those of you who are in the UK and want to be part of our conscious fashion tech tribe, here is the good news: Allbirds plans to make its products available in the UK market this October, so that the UK customers can line-up for some of Allbirds’ most exciting limited edition products on its e-commerce platform.