From AI Fashion Advice To Outfit Compare, Mobile Apps Are Changing The Way We Shop Fashion

Eamon Kunze
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AI Fashion Advice – can you trust the computer to tell you which outfits suit you best, better than your friends? Are you looking for some solid fashion advice but can’t afford a fashion stylist? No more worries, Amazon has the answer to your need. It is well known that the online retail giant is increasingly dabbling in the apparel sector for quite some time now.

The company has released its own fashion brand and ramps up its fashion advertising spending. More recently, the tech giant hit a première with a fashion-focused show called ‘Style Code Live’, in what was seen as an attempt to reinvent TV shopping at that time.

AI Fashion Advice With Outfit Compare, An Amazon Prime Feature

But the latest and most interesting feature that Amazon has for its Prime customers interested in fashion comes in the form of AI prediction algorithm called ‘Outfit Compare.’

More of an AI Fashion Advice, the app is available in the Amazon app, compatible with both Android and Apple OS. Like most of Amazon’s groundbreaking innovations, to benefit from the power of the AI Fashion Advice ‘Outfit Compare’ you’ll have to be a Prime member.

Then, the AI system from the Seattle-based firm starts feeding you with excellent expert fashion advice.

AI Fashion Advice a screenshot from the live app
The ‘Outfit Compare’ feature kicks in after you upload two photos of yourself wearing two different outfits That’s when the AI Fashion Advice compares the data and gives an initial result. Then, you’ll get a final verdict from an Amazon stylist.

The human counterpart is going to give you a bit of advice on which look suits you best, and what outfit you should go for. The AI-stylist is programmed to be human-like, polite and kind.

For example, the system will only tell you what seems to be preferred by you and some of the options sound like: “I think you should pick this one,” or, “You might like this one better,” and “It was a close call.” As such, you’ll be able to tell the difficulty grade of the decision obtained.

AI Fashion Advice a screenshot from the live app with a guy changing outfits

Amazon explains that the final result depends on how the clothes fit and match you as in what colours look best on you, your styling choices, and most important, based on what’s in vogue at that moment.

To ensure the accuracy of the interpretations, Amazon’s AI also suggests that you take photos of yourself in similar poses with similar backgrounds.

Privacy-wise, there’s nothing to be worried about as these selfies won’t circulate the web. You images uploaded to Outfit Compare are seen by the Amazon’s AI and a handful of experts, and you can delete them in the Outfit Compare app.

AI Fashion Advice a screenshot from the live app with a guy changing outfits

And as for the expert stylists who have the final word and are giving you the final advice, Amazon says that they hail from a wide range of backgrounds in the fashion industry, retail, editorial, styling, and creative fields.

Moreover, most of these experts were handpicked and hired to work only on this new feature. If you are not a Prime user but love fashion and like to dress the par, I think that the time has come to spend a coin or two and go fashion-forward with your own advisor my friends.

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