Sustainable Fashion Designers Turning Offcuts Into Offbeat At Adelaide Fashion Festival


Fashion designers are turning offcuts into offbeat clothing at the Adelaide Fashion Festival. It is not in the DNA of the fashion industry to re-use, reduce, or recycle. However, behind the scenes of the Adelaide fashion world, an increasing number of designers are trying to change that stereotype, and work towards a waste-free fashion industry.

Anny Duff, for example, has created a sustainable clothing label — Good Studios — which uses recycled nylon swimwear and South Australian wool, along with ethically sourced hemp textiles.

Good Studio by Anny Duff uses recycled and ethically sourced fabrics in Adelaide Fashion Festival 2018

“From the outside we are seen as the alternative option to fashion. But to us, there’s no alternative. It’s not just about being a sustainable brand, it is about doing what’s right,” she added.

Despite the many brand’s attempts to move away from the ‘fast fashion’ tag, many high-profile fashion brands are still only about the latest trends, and the newest fabrics.

This year, however, the Adelaide Fashion Festival hopes to buck the trend, by putting recycled, vintage, and offcut creations back on the runway.

Adelaide Fashion Festival 2018 puts recycled, vintage, and off-cut creations on to its runway

Ms Duff, along with a number of other Adelaide designers and vintage enthusiasts, is designing a new line for the event using dead stock, the term given to the offcuts or oversupply of fabric and embellishments that fashion houses throw away.

It will form a major part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival event, which will feature sustainable local designs while including discussions and workshops around ethical fashion.

“We’re really exploring the idea of dead stock and why it’s got such a taboo theme around it and we want to celebrate it,” Ms Duff said.

This year the Adelaide Fashion Festival will run from October 17 to 21, and if interested, you can read more at

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