A. Human Fashion Concept – A Future Of Customisable Body Parts?

Martin Smith
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A. Human, smart PR, a new fashion concept, or the future of fashion? As described on the official website, the A. Human is a fashion brand from the future.

In fact, the experiential concept was formulated by the Canadian Simon Huck, owner of Command PR, a successful PR company at Hollywood, and a close friend of the Kardashians.

Simon has always known how to put a positive spin on things for himself and his clients, and with his A.Human fashion concept, he does just that.

The exhibition’s main question is: ‘If in the future, you could change your body parts just as quickly as you can change your clothes, would they change them?

The immersive, theatrical art experience A. Human, is launching this coming 5th of September at 48 Mercer Street, in New York.

It is organised in collaboration with the Society of Spectacle, a live entertainment storytelling brand.

A. Human

The show is expected to unveil futuristic body modifications, as some jokingly comment, are inspired by Kardashian’s lip fillers and bum implants.

Be that the truth or not, Huck insists that the “A. Human concept is more about the freedom of exploring the world we live in, and finding new ways to live as you choose to do so.”

In his futuristic view of human beings, people can quickly change dinner shoes for a shell-like implantable high heel.

Or, lovers can adorn their bodies with partner’s heart-shaped forms, grown from the partner’s DNA-and implanted into their lover’s body.

On some of the creations, Simon Huck has teamed with the creative director Nicola Formichetti, theatrical director Michael Counts, and celebrity makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

“I push the boundaries of what is fashion to find new ways of self-expression. Fashion is more than the clothes you wear; it is the choices you make for your body and how you present yourself,” said Formichetti.

If such ideas might disgust or even scare you, Huck states that beyond the concept of body-altering and its complex socio-moral and ethical implications, he aimed for a positive turn with this approach.

A. Human torso

“When people think of the future, they think dark, dystopian and maybe these images create that but I want to portray an optimistic world.

I wanted to show a possible future of fashion as a new way of self-expression. This is the ethos behind the A. Human,” added Huck.

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    30 August 2018

    “If in the future, you could change your body parts just as quickly as you can change your clothes, would they change them?”
    Is PR designing fashion based on this concept of people being able to change their body parts, even when they may not be able to do so, or is he designing the fashion based on what is real?