5 Ethical Activewear Brands Fusing Fashion With Tech

Natalie Wilson
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Ethical activewear brands that are fusing fashion with technology. Thanks to advanced fashion technology in the material design segment, you can now choose to go eco-friendly, from head to toe. The number of labels out there designing apparel for conscious fashion and fitness shoppers is on the rise.

There’s a wide range of smart tracksuits made of recycled bottles, leggings from bamboo, and high-end sneakers from plastic waste that you can choose from.

However, being a conscious shopper can be costly at times. That’s why we’ve put together a top 5 ethical activewear brands fusing fashion with tech that are worth every single penny.

1. Riley

Riley ethical activewear

Sustainability is at the core of its brand philosophy. Riley is a company that’s working towards a fully circular economy.

The company sources its fabrics from waste-based materials and also from nature-friendly, biodegradable materials.

Dedicated to extensive research and development Riley is also playing its role in ing alleviate the plastic waste crisis by using fabrics such as rPET, made from packaging and industrial waste.


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Introducing: The Sharing Series. ⁣ In this series, we explore the concept of sharing clothes, what human kind is, and what it means to some of our community. ⁣ ⁣ Each week, we will reveal a different perspective on this topic, hopefully encouraging more of us to share between our friends, family and loved ones. ⁣ ⁣ At Riley Studio, we believe sharing is an important step towards reducing overconsumption and overproduction, so let’s get started with Andrea and Boyd. ⁣ ⁣ “Sharing for us is a way of celebrating our connection and dependence on one another. The notion of sharing is topical right now, particularly as the environmental crisis becomes more and more crystallised in society’s consciousness.” – Andrea and Boyd ⁣ #thesharingseries

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The results from R&D are evident as some of Riley’s most popular materials to date are Q-Nova by Fulgar, made from waste materials, and Econyl, an infinitely recyclable material made from general waste.

2. Davy J.

Davy J. sustainable swimwear

Davy J makes amazing swimwear from nylon yarn regenerated 100% from waste. The brand also recycles spent and ghost fishing nets, and for every ton of waste and fishing nets collected, the company regenerated nylon enough to create over 10,000 swimsuits.

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Besides doing their good share for the oceans, Davy J swimwears are seen as a worthwhile investment thanks to the long-lasting materials used and the return policy the company has in place.


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If the swimwear wears down, the company encourages its customers to return them so, to be melted and reused.

3. Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Clothing ethical activewear

Bamboo is an eco-friendly plant that is becoming very popular as a sustainable alternative to cotton and BAM is all about it.

Apart from the materials used in their products, the British label also puts focus on transparency, honesty, and equality.

The brand offers beautiful yoga apparel made from an ultra-stretch fine-knit bamboo fabric engineered without seams and chic chino shorts made of Tencel.

Tencel is another eco-friendly fabric designed to keep moisture away and keep the wearer feeling dry and comfortable.

4. Evveervital

Evveervital ethical and sustainable activewear

Another British ethical activewear brand that’s fusing fashion with innovative materials is the London based Evveervital.

Evveervital is taking a more holistic approach by putting the accent on researching new eco-fabrics from innovative and sustainable materials only.

Some of the materials used by Evveervital include a knit made from 100% bio-based polyamide called BR4 Fabrics, a material perfect for activewear apparel.


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It is super drying super fast, stretchy, comfortable, antibacterial, and chlorine and solvent resistant.


VIVOBAREFOOT sustainable footwear

On a mission to use at least 90-per cent sustainable materials across their entire product range by 2020, VIVOBAREFOOT is the brand behind the first shoes made of repurposed algae.

The company is very forward with their recycling practices, and in 2017, the brand announced over 2 million plastic bottles were diverted from landfills and converted into shoes.


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Powerful Feet = Powerful You⁣ ⁣ #Vivobarefoot #MadeToFeel #LiveBarefoot #BarefootShoes

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Data shows that 50,000 pairs of shoes produced this way equate to reducing the CO2 emissions from 11,286 gallons of gasoline burned which is impressive.

If you like our top 5 ethical activewear brands fusing fashion with tech, feel free to leave your comments below.

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