3D Printed Sustainable Fashion – Why Kill ‘Bambi’ When You Can ‘Download It’?


3D Printed Sustainable Fashion – Why kill ‘Bambi’ when you can ‘download’ it’ seems to be the unspoken words of any emerging, innovative fashion designer. And that is exactly the case of Julia Daviy, a Miami-based designer that’s fostering the ethical manufacturing with sustainable materials, for a cleaner and safer fashion landscape.

On the 6th of September, Daviy launched her own line of 3D-printed garments named ‘The Liberation Collection’ at the New York Fashion Week.

‘The Liberation Collection’ was hailed as the first full women apparel collection manufactured utilising only 3D-printing technology, to be ever unveiled at a Fashion Week in the United States.

3D Printed Sustainable Fashion - Julia Daviy3D Printed Sustainable Fashion - Julia Daviy3D Printed Sustainable Fashion - Julia Daviy3D Printed Sustainable Fashion - Julia Daviy 3D Printed Sustainable Fashion - Julia Daviy
3D Printed Sustainable Fashion - Julia Daviy

3D Printed Sustainable Fashion – Lesser Pollution and Waste

Daviy’s innovative 3D printed wearable tech-infused collection signals a growing focus on the potential of mass manufacturing fashion garments with the help of additive manufacturing.

Garments that not only replace the old petrol-based textiles with sustainable textiles and leather alternatives but also contribute to a cleaner environment by causing lesser pollution and waste during the manufacturing process.

“I wasn’t that focused on the design of the collection but more obsessed with how to implement a more sustainable approach in the clothes I was about to create,” said the innovative fashion designer.

3D Printed Sustainable Fashion – Immense Potential

With the help of TPU materials and flexible resins, churned into large-format FDM 3D printers based on SLA technology, Daviy hopes to contribute to the less wasteful and more ethical fashion movement.

“There is a huge potential for the market of innovative, sustainable clothes, thanks to the wide range of technologies combining knowledge and expertise,” she added.

Daviy is also fascinated by the movement toward intelligent garments and apparel following the advent of smart sensors and wearables technology.

In fact, this is was first attracted her to the 3D printing technology and its immense potential for the market of sustainable apparel.

“Nowadays we can create clothes similar to leather, but with 3D-printing technology embedded with smart sensors and this collection is the perfect example.”

3D Printed Sustainable Fashion – Limitless Approaches

Daviy’s designs for her New York Fashion Week collection were inspired by coral and shells and other exoskeletons patterns found in the marine life, which – according to her – was possible thanks to the limitless approaches the 3d printing manufacturing has to offer.

“3D printing allows the designer to control the thickness, shape, colour of the product. In fact, with 3D printing I can create any shape, on any type of pattern, from [almost] any kind of material ” she said.”

The time to say goodbye to leather in fashion has come. Not only that using leather for garments is unethical, but it is also old-fashioned.

And if you’re still obsessing about rare animal skins, why kill a crocodile when you can download and use a crocodile pattern and then just 3d print it on any material you want?”

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