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The World’s First Fully Customisable And Zero-Waste 3D Printed Skirt


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Fashion tech pioneer Julia Daviy has launched the world’s first zero-waste digitally customisable 3D-printed skirt. 3D printing has come a long way in the last few years, finally, finding its place in commercial applications.

The first industry to be revolutionized by the technology might be the last one you’d imagine; fashion. A technology that allows zero-waste and cruelty-free clothing production becoming a reality with large-format professional 3D printing.

After ‘The Liberation Collection’ launched in 2018 at New York Fashion Week in 2018, Julia Daviy became obsessed with the idea of making 3D printed clothing commercially available, disrupting the idea of standardisation.

“It was critical to simplify digital customisation and 3D print wearable clothing with flexible materials. We’ve accomplished that, and I think that consumers will respond fast.”

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“Our goal was never to demonstrate the viability of 3D printed clothing and leave things at that. We’ll have succeeded when beautiful, comfortable, ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly clothes are the standard,” she added.

With a patented technology that uses 100% recyclable filaments, Julia and her team can meet the most exigent customer demands. The team is being able not only to create highly customisable 3d printed garments according to consumers’ needs but also apparel of zero-waste for a cleaner and more sustainable world.


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Nobody cannot predict what will happen in 30 years. For the first time in the human kind history we have so many challenges and so fast developing technologies, that we can not be sure about the forecast for 3-5 years… ⠀ What we can do is just to create and spread better practices and behavioral patterns – and if we will be lucky, these practices will define the direction and life for many humans, and other conscious living beings, and our planet as well. ⠀ History has shown us that in most cases smart practices were not in its favor. And even more, stupidity was the driving force… But I want to believe that we live in another time with another opportunities and sharing the planet with many smart people. ⠀ I believe that today the most important word is not “growth” anymore. And I will explain why… Today, the most important word is “alive”. We – designers, creators and entrepreneurs – must do all to keep our planet ALIVE. ⠀ And if we want to leave the word “growth” in our business vocabulary, the only way to do this is to GROW YOUR POSITIVE IMPACT towards the planet, to do all these important things as animals protection, support the growth of natural ecosystems, and adaption of any technology only when you are sure, that it is safe, cruelty – and pollution-free. ⠀ P.S. I realize how much should be done to change the approach of the clothing production. This week we are celebrating a start of marketing for our digitally-customizable skirts created on 3D printers. 3D-printed clothing is not a concept anymore. It’s a product that can belong to your capsule wardrobe.

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Once the customers finalise their choice for a garment’s pattern, style, colour, waistline, and lining, Daviy and her team use the information to create a digital model of the garment.

Once modelled, the creation is approved by the client and sent to the 3D printers. The final product takes around ten days to complete.

We’ve heard some rumours that the next innovation in 3D printing fashion apparel includes some filaments made from biodegradable materials. Interested to know more? Subscribe now to be in the know before the news become mainstream!

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