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Top 5 High Tech Sportswear To Help With Your Fitness


Top 5 High Tech Sportswear. Fitness plays a significant role in our lives today. The quest for health, longevity and wellness remains a priority regardless of age, gender, religious views or nationality.

Media searches related to healthy eating and exercising are showing a massive growth that’s reflecting across several industries and sectors.

According to figures released in 2017 by TM Research, the fitness and health segment is climbing towards the $80 billion in the US alone.

The North Face high tech sportswear

With over 200,000 fitness centres, recreational spaces and clubs in operation across the world, the report predicts an expansion of 20%, YOY.

It is a landscape that encapsulates heavy gym, and running types of machinery, fitness programs, fitness-related food, equipment, merchandise, footwear and accessories, and more recently gym ready makeups, to make up a massive chunk of this industry.

However, a new segment is being developed, and incorporated, the high tech sportswear; consisting of AR and VR headsets, special eyewear, smart watches, smart shoes, intelligent tracksuits, many other products designed to help users to burn extra calories in comfortable, safe, and enjoyable ways.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of high tech sportswear and the leading brands:

1. PWX Technology By 2XU

2XU ICE X yoga sweatpants

The designers of 2XU, have collaborated with yoga-instructors, to create a unique selling proposition for the brand, their ICE X yoga sweatpants. These trousers work like compression suits and are contoured to the wearer’s body shape.

The PWX perforated fabric helps with the release of hot air, in more extended sessions of practice. Moreover, the non-slippery surface provides a snug grip which makes these trousers the perfect outfit for yoga.

2. Climachill Tech By Adidas

Climachill Tech by Adidas

Adidas has just launched its latest compression wear shorts made from an innovative material called Climachill. Climachill has the capacity of wrapping the muscles snugly and provide extra support, all while blocking sweat to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

After trying them for a couple of weeks, I can say that Adidas Climachill is the perfect outfit for gym-training and/or jogging.

3. Heated Jacket By Polo Ralph

Heater jacket by Polo

These body-fit heated jackets feature temperature adjustment via the smart sensors installed in them. The system works by intelligently monitoring your body temperature, knowing when you feel hot or sweaty.

The temperature drops automatically before you begin to feel hot, and it falls when you think the body starts to warm up. Great for those transition moments inside/outside the gym.

4. Hypercool Max Tight By Nike

Hypercool Max Tight By Nike

If you are into super marathons, triathlons, decathlons or any other kind of longtime activities outside under the soon, then this might be the best product for you.

Hypercool Max Tight pants have a thin polymer film designed to protect the body from UV rays and infrared heat, especially on the knees and shins while cycling.

The pants are also excellent at preventing next day muscle fatigue and numbness by increasing and maintaining blood circulation.

5. FlashDry Technology By The North Face

FlashDry Technology By The North Face

Based on FlashDry technology, this winter jacket is unique in its capacity of protecting from the sun while also being soft and smooth at the touch.

FlashDry fabric technology is engineered to act as a second skin against the body, pushing moisture to the surface of the fabric and eliminating it as fast as possible, keeping the user dry, cool and comfortable during high aerobic activities.

There are other products as well like smartwatches that track your exercise routine and provide feedback, calorie bands, goggles for relaxing and concentrating vision and many others. These products will bring you closer to achieving your personal sports goals.

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