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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Innovative Tommy Jeans Xplore Collection


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Tommy Hilfiger launches ‘Tommy Jeans Xplore’.

Tommy Hilfiger has just unveiled Tommy Jeans Xplore, a smart-chip technology-enhanced product.

The novelty comes from the product being able to offer consumers rewards and experiences with each wear.

Moreover, it relies on creating a micro-community of brand ambassadors.

The new line is offered in men, women, and unisex designs.

All available only in the U.S. right now.

Tommy Jeans Xplore sweatshirt

Each Tommy Jeans Xplore item has an embedded Awear Solutions’ Bluetooth low-energy smart tag.

Tommy Hilfiger Innovation

The device is connecting the product to a dedicated iOS Tommy Jeans Xplore app.

Once downloaded and activated, the app creates a direct line of communication between the Tommy Jeans Xplore product and the wearers.

Product and app usage are incentivised with a pointing platform which allows the wearers to receive rewards based on real-time experiences and on how often the garment is worn.

The collection consists of 23 items in a variety of colour-ways:

For example, in the women category, there’s a hoodie, crew sweatshirt, two T-shirts and denim – three jeans, a jacket and a skirt.

For men, there are hoodies, a crewneck sweatshirt, T-shirt and seven denim styles – five jeans and two jackets.

The unisex range consists of accessories and includes a cross-body bag, backpack, weekender and a hat.

Prices are consistent with the regular line, retailing from $29 for a baseball cap to $99 for a sweatshirt and $139 for a denim jacket.

Tommy Jeans Xplore jean jacket

“Awear’s smart tag enables active, personalised engagement in real time, rewarding the consumer on product usage,” said Liron Slonimsky, chief executive officer and founder of Awear Solutions.

“Never before has a brand been able to understand how the consumer truly uses the product after it leaves the store. Tommy Hilfiger’s innovative history has shown that they understand what consumer engagement truly is and we knew they would be the perfect partner to launch Awear Solutions to the market,” added Liron.

Tommy Jeans Xplore hoodie

Tommy Jeans Xplore Collection

The integrated technology in the Tommy Jeans Xplore products enables brand engagement and interaction beyond traditional touch-points.

By creating rewards experiences and interactive hotspots across the U.S., the app is expected to bring users together, creating a community of highly engaged micro brand ambassadors.

“We’ve always been at the forefront of digital innovation, using technology to deliver what our customers are looking for – unique experiences and instant gratification,” said a Tommy Hilfiger spokesman.

“Tommy Jeans Xplore is the next evolution of our vision, reaching consumers where they are and inviting them to be a part of the brand experience,” he continued.

Tommy Jeans Xplore crossbody
Among the rewards and experiences are concert cash and concert tickets through its brand partnership with Live Nation.

Exclusive Activities

There are also tickets to fashion shows, visits to the Tommy Archives, and exclusive access to brand events.

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There are also product discounts and options to redeem earned points for monetary donations to selected charities.

The introduction of Tommy Jeans Xplore comes on the heels of the launch of the Tommy now Snap app.

The app which 2-D and 3-D image-recognition technology to allow users to take a photo of any item in-store.

It also works on the runway, on the street and on certain shops such as and the A.I.-powered virtual stylist chatbots, Tmy.Grl and Tmy.Boy.

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