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Tag Heuer Makes Smart Moves In The Watch Market


TAG Heuer has made a name for itself as a brand unafraid of change.

It was one of the first few watch brands that jumped on the smartwatch waggon.

Moreover, its newest model is its latest endeavour at merging Haute Horlogerie with wearable technology.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is powered by Intel and operated on Android Wear 2.0.

It comes loaded with all the features that we now consider to be the “norm” of smart wearable technology:

it counts the number of steps you’ve taken and the number of calories burned;

displays messages, e-mails and other notifications; acts as your personal digital assistant;

and has a built-in GPS. An NFC chip and Android Pay app also allow for cardless and cashless payments.

However, what makes it stand out in the wearable-tech market is its extensive customisable options.

There are 56 different versions of the watch’s exterior available, and you can pick and choose the various types of case, straps, buckles, lugs and finish to create your dream watch.

The electronic dial comes in no less than 30 different versions.

TAG Heuer Studio Dial Configurator

Tag Heuer Watch Market
The coolest customisable option is the one the wearer can make himself, via the TAG Heuer Studio dial configurator.

The studio option allows the wearer to create their dial and choose from a range of functions, colours, indices and the hands.

Most notably, the dial module of the smartwatch can be switched out and replaced with a mechanical movement –

either the Calibre 5 or the COSC-certified manufacturer Chronograph Tourbillon Heuer 02-T.

This makes it, in a way, comparable to getting two watches – a smartwatch and a mechanical watch – for the price of one.
Tag Heuer Watch Market
The 45mm watch is assembled in Switzerland at the TAG Heuer Manufacture and comes bearing the prestigious “Swiss Made” label.

Water-resistance is up to 50m.

TAG Heuer has always positioned itself as an accessible luxury brand, which is reflected in the HK$13,100 price tag.

A deluxe box set, which includes the manufacture chronograph module and a black rubber strap, retails for US$17,000.


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