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Sun Lee Biodegradable Fashion – Consumption of Heritage


Sun Lee ‘Consumption of Heritage’ – Reviving Traditional Korean Fashion

Since the 60s, the accelerated globalisation and industrialisation of Korean fashion has pushed the traditional manufacturers and expert artisans out of the local fashion space. Fast fashion has become the norm.

Poor quality and low sustainability of fast fashion lead to massive ethical and environmental issues. Thankfully, there’s a new wave of emerging fashion designers, such as Lee Sun, that are fighting back.

‘Consumption of Heritage’ Capsule Collection

A graduate of Eindhoven’s Design Academy, Lee Sun has created ‘Consumption of Heritage’, a unique biodegradable fashion collection in protest to the amount of garments waste, at the end of every season.

My collection is based on three core principles: ephemerality, sustainability, and disposability.” said Lee.

Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Najeonchilgi Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Najeonchilgi

The six-piece fashion collection is made from torn and hand-rolled traditional Korean Hansan Mosi fabric and Hanji paper and designed to challenge the values of fashion buyers.

What are you wearing? How were your clothes made? And by whom?

Sun Lee Korean Tradition of Craft

Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Dancheong patternSun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Dancheong pattern

Sun Lee biodegradable fashion collection seeks to re-introduce traditional techniques and materials back into production and into the contemporary culture while addressing the growing environmental issues and waste caused by the fashion industry.

I want to bring back Korean heritage and craft to modern society.” she said.

My collection is also an invitation to reflect on the current state of fashion and formulate new solutions for sustainable fashion.

New Approach to Sustainable Fashion Consumption

Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Ji-seung craft vest Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Ji-seung craft vest

Moreover, ‘Consumption of Heritage’ is a dialogue between the Korean craft and heritage, and consumption.

The modular pieces are layered over one another and can be easily recycled.

Renowned for its durability, insulation and ventilation properties, Hanji paper is made by turning mulberry tree bark into pulp.

Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Hanji Padding jacket Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Hanji Padding jacket

Then, Hibiscus plant sticky sap is added to the mixture and laid out into sheets on a bamboo screen.

The Hanji paper was then printed with Korean lettering and rolled into cords that were then woven together to create the material used in the Ji-Seung Vest, named after the process of weaving the paper.

“Thanks to the material I have used in this collection – Hanji paper is sustainable, disposable and easily recyclable – each piece can be thrown away and still be more sustainable than fast fashion.”

“I know it is impossible to live without damaging the environment and nature. However, we should aim towards making a lesser negative impact and achieve more sustainable lives,” she concluded.

Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Hanji feather vest Sun Lee Consumption of Heritage - Hansan Mosi Transforming coat

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  1. StationK

    19 February 2020

    Did Sun Lee have any other collections before the Consumption of Heritage? If so, where can I find them?