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WoW Woman Is Adding Fashion Tech To Your Streetwear Style


WoW Woman Is Adding Fashion Tech Style To Your Streetwear – It is not only the digital world that is being made of data and codes but, the world around us can be seen as a form of information as well.

To make a better sense of the world, through science, we have created tools to eliminate biological limitations in gathering and manipulating data, to fulfil the dream of touching the naked reality.
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The implications of wearable technology allow us to create such tools, however, until now, most of the wearable devices are being designed to collect data from our body in order to track our physical activities.

Wearable Media, co-founded by Yuchen Zhang, Hellyn Teng, and Jingwen Zhu, sees the future of wearable technology in a different way. The company aims to create clothes that collect data from the surrounding, enabling us to feel the world around on our body.
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This innovative idea is being translated into their exotic designs and led the team to be selected as one of the thirty finalists for LVMH innovation award.
streetwear - interactive fashion streetwear - AR fashion streetwear - model on the catwalk floor with lighting up backpack
The company’s latest creation, Meter, is an interactive streetwear Jacket that reacts to music. The streetwear transformers audio data gathered from the surrounding to visual illuminations.

In an exclusive interview, Marija Butkovic, the founder of Women of Wearables, uncovers the story behind the idea of Wearable Media and details on the life, struggles and success of Yuchen Zhang, young entrepreneur and CEO of Wearable Media.

Read the entire interview on WoW

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    Anna Taylor

    17th September 2018

    Wow! it’s an amazing idea.