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Smart Jewelry Reinvents The World’s Intimacy – The Case Of Talsam


Smart Jewelry Reinvents The World’s Intimacy. It is in our human nature to seek meaningful interactions. As social creatures, our happiness is bound to feelings of desire, appreciation, and love. At the same time, the emotional pain of being alone and forgotten is one of the strongest motivators in our desire to connect with others.

The importance of closeness with our loved ones and their presence in our lives is well documented along the evolution of the human species. For example, the act of offering valuable stones is seen – since the dawn of civilisation – as an ultimate sign of love, appreciation, and desire to remain connected.

Smart Jewelry - A couple with Talsam Smart Jewelry
Before the advent of personal communication technologies, we used to connect in persona. One can say it was harder but also more meaningful, more personal.

And then, fast technological adoption has changed the way we interact and connect with others, or show affection to the loved ones.

The Internet, smartphones, and social media are just a few of the latest tools we have invented to fulfil our urge of belongingness or staying in touch. Communications are smarter, faster, messages are passed in an instant.

And yet, despite the growing realm of communication devices and information technologies, with the ultimate goal of creating a perfect connected world, a piece of the puzzle is missing. But, this is where wearable technology comes in handy.

Smart Jewelry – Talsam’s Project

With the help of advanced wearable technology, Talsam has created a smart jewelry, in the form of necklace and bracelet combo. Launched on Kickstarter on July the 3rd, Talsam smart jewlery device has a unique value proposition, that combines both, technology and fashion.

Smart Jewelry - Talsam's collections
Talsam smart jewelry was born after its founder, Omar Farha had a painful time when he had to spend years away from his loved ones. The pain of not being able to feel the emotions of the ones he loved converted into a business idea, two years ago, when Omar decided to build a smart jewelry as a meaningful gift.

“At a time when the idea to create a device that can support intimate dialogues between lovers came, I was struggling to find a creative gift idea for my girlfriend,” said Omar Farha, the founder of Talsam.

“To me, current communication choices, like email, text messages or even social media platforms have always been too noisy and impersonal. So, I set out to answer the question: how can I create a beautiful, gift-worthy piece of jewelry that helps people stay connected with eachother?”

And this is how a revolutionary idea of technology-infused charm was born, in the shape of smart jewelry that reinvents the world’s intimacy by letting the loved one know you’re thinking about them, no matter where and when.

How It works

Talsam smart jewelry has a USB-C connector hidden inside the luxurious casing,  for easy charging and it connects with the user’s smartphone via a Bluetooth chipset. Talsam allows the user to send animated emojis via a special app on the smartphone to and from the smart jewelry.

When the smart jewelry receives such emotional expressions, the charm informs the wearer by lighting up according to the emotion received, giving the wearer that the loved one is right there, next to them.

Smart Jewelry - Young girl using Talsam Smart Jewelry to get connected to her partner

Creating an intimate user experience is critical in the design of a successful smart jewelry. For that, Talsam’s messaging app has been developed to allow users to create messages pertaining to five positive emotions that the loved ones experience when tagged: amused, happy, loved, optimistic, and thankful.

Smart Jewelry - Talsam's App features

The messages are organised in a Moment Stream, giving the user the ability to replay and recall and relive, from the past, special moments that made them feel special and loved.

Talsam’s Other Features

With the aesthetic side in mind, the New York City-based team has spent months in the development and construction of every charm, aiming to ensure that the end product provides maximum wearability and style.

Smart Jewelry - Talsam's product collections

Each of the six charms in the collection is a unique blend of plated stainless steel and semi-precious stones. The charm boasts six Swarovski crystals, arranged in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation, a known group of stars associated with music and love.

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Last but not least, Talsam’s smart jewelry function is not limited only to one-way expressions as the device has an embedded SOS alert function as well. With the help of the inline button, located on one side of the charm, the wearer can send instant SOS alerts, and the location, to an emergency contact.

Smart Jewelry - Talsam's SOS service and private messaging

We believe that such innovative smart jewlery devices signal a new era which appeals to the connected modern consumer. Also, we feel that there is a vast potential lying ahead within the landscape of wearable technology and its adoption in the fashion industry but we would love to know your take.

Do you think smart jewelry will transform the market for jewelry and accessories in the years to come? If yes, how?

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