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Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes News – For Fashion And For Fitness Models


Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes News – While the global tech arena is waiting for Samsung Galaxy S10 launch this year on February, the 20th, at Samsung’s Unpacked events in London and San Francisco, there are rumours that something has something special for the tech-savvy conscious people as well.

There are rumours that Samsung will introduce a new folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy X, paired with the next version of Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes

However, the most exciting announcement might come in the shape of a pair of smart shoes! 😳😍

Called the Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes, the sneakers come embedded with a wide range of ultra-intelligent sensors designed to track running stats such as impact force, cadence, vertical oscillation, as well as the usual things like distance and speed.

Smart fashion garments and apparel are nothing new to Samsung as in 2018 the South Korean company designed a special smart suit for the Dutch team, especially for the Winter Olympic games.

This time, the rumour of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes was confirmed by the patents filed by Samsung in August 2018 and granted in December 2018, not for one but two models of Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes, namely, model A and model B.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes Model A and Model B

According to the submitted paperwork for Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes, the A model is made of Flyknit-style fabric, similar to Nike’s latest runners. However, the A model is ‘smarten-up’ by a wide array of sensors located in a special tab that can be removed. Slightly different, the B version of the Smart Shoes has a hidden compartment of sensors, located on the heel.

Either way, it seems that Samsung has decided to give the wear access to the smart sensors so either the main CPU or data can be moved to a new pair of Samsung Galaxy Smart Shoes when the current ones are no longer usable.

It is also rumoured that the models are different given their chosen markets. The A Model has a more minimalist look, aiming to be used as running shoe look, while the B Model is targeted as more fashionable consumers.

Only time will tell if the rumours are true, by Samsung launching the smart shoes this coming 20th of February in San Francisco and London, or even the following week in beautiful Barcelona, at Europe’s number one mobile tech show, the MWC.

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