Puma BioEvolution Sneakers – Using Bacteria For A Perfect Fit


Puma BioEvolution Sneakers – Do you remember the amoeba shoe? Presented on WTVOX a couple of years ago, creation of Shamees Aden, a London-born researcher and Dr Martin Hanczyc. a professor at the University of Trento and the founder of the Laboratory for Artificial Biology as part of the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO).

The duo has created the world’s first shoes made from biological matter and it seems like the idea holds commercial ground now that a footwear giant has embarked on it.

Following our recent write up on Puma’s first AR sneakers, the QD Cell Origin AR, we are following the German footwear maker giant on its next groundbreaking innovation, the Puma BioEvolution sneakers.

Puma BioEvolution is an experimental sports sneaker made with special bacterias and is designed to adapt to the wearer’s unique foot shape and size.

“The sneakers itself is nothing special – it begins as a blank canvas. However, thanks to the biotechnology that it incorporates, it evolves with you when you start to wear it. In some sense, it becomes a part of your body,” said Charles Johnson, PUMA’s Global Director of Innovation.

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Puma’s experimental sneakers caught the media attention for the first time in March this year, when Puma’s R&D lab, a global, multidisciplinary studio founded in 2014 as an MIT Design Lab spin-off, released a glimpse of its BioEvolution project.

Created in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute, an exceptional research organisation, Puma’s experimental sneakers is comprised of biologically active materials (bacterias) that adapt to the wearer’s foot.

The upper of the sneakers act as a compact nanosensor mesh which maps at a microscopic level all areas of the foot, thanks to the biologically active layer. In simpler terms, the living micro-organisms reshape themselves to create a unique fit.

So far, Puma’s BioEvolution sneakers remain at the experimental stage, with no commercial version planned very soon.

However, there are rumours that a country’s football team (can you guess which one?) is already trialling the technology for perfect football boots at the next world cup.