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Pet Styles – On The Rise With Wearable Tech


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If you live in the city and have a dog, you know you have a duty to get your pet styles up to date, but also keep it safe.

At the end of the day, you both are part of a city where dicing with cars, buses, rush-hour bicycles and navigating bins is an ordinary occurrence.

Do your shoelaces, wave at a friend, take a call and your dog is gone.

Even more, if it is dark outside, your dog might be gone forever.

Tech Infused Pet Styles

Pet styles and accessories

Until now. Wearable tech is a game-changer not only for us, humans but also for our pets.

A new wave of tech-enabled pet styles, designs and outfits are on the rise.

For example, to maximise your dog’s visibility, you can now truss it up in LED vest.

Dog LED jacket, pictured, began as a Kickstarter campaign, now a reality.

You can now make your dog look like a small disco ball, which is safe and quite amusing.

Pet Styles, Safe And Fun With Tech

pet styles, is a new trend in fashion tech for pets

Disco Dog is the world’s first LED dog vest that you can control from your phone.

It displays a variety of vibrant patterns and custom scrolling text in thousands of colours.

You can choose to display a text message or, an animation using the Disco Dog app from your smartphone.

It’s a fun way to celebrate your dog, and also keeps it safe when it is dark outside.

What we like the most, is the “Lost Dog” feature.

If your dog runs away and the connection with your phone stops, the LED jacket will show a “LOST DOG” message.

It is a direct message for bystanders and a call for help from a pup that can’t speak and find way back home.

But, interestingly enough, some brands for food have approached owners for marketing partnership asking to advertise on their dog’s jackets.

Providing the highest quality pets food‘, as an indirect message, has been one of the most effective to date.

Food Monitor Not Only Pet Styles

Pet food monitoring

What and when your pet eats is extremely important.

Providing the highest quality and organic pet food is one definite way of improving the longevity and quality of life for your pets.

What do you know about the “Apple Watch of dog collars?”

Another crowdfunded pet styles project a dog collar that glows in the dark.

It also tracks your dog’s movement, so you know where it is.

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The band has a life of fourteen days, is waterproof, and it works with your phone via an app you can download from the Play/App Store for free.

Available for both, iOS and Android.

This new pet styles gadget comes from Squeaker, and it brings the functionality found in human fitness trackers.

That means GPS tracking, accelerometer, temperature sensor, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and the built-in OLED information display.

Pet Styles – Not Just The Outside

pet styles, is a new trend in fashion tech for pets dog with life monitoring collar

It is not just about pet styles and fashion tech for pets. Wearable tech brings much more than that to make our pet’s lives better.

The Voyce Health Monitor is a device that has biomedical engineers, veterinary experts and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine behind.

It is a collar packed with non-invasive sensors.

The collar gathers vital health information about your dog and reports in real-time to your mobile.

In addition to robust activity metrics, the Voyce Monitor tracks resting heart and respiratory rates of your dog.

This is a medical device for your dog, with key indicators that detect health conditions early, extending the life of your dog.

Pet Styles – Only To Grow

Pet Styles

If any of you are still in doubt whether fashion will ever adopt tech or not, this article is the best example of what is to come.

New pet styles infused with wearable tech is a booming market.

Wearable tech brings value and sense to pet styles fashion.

A fashion industry perceived as not needed until now.

Analysts expect the market to reach £2 billion by 2020. GPS, activity trackers, health monitoring, wearable tech for animals of all sorts – dogs, cats, horses, cows, endangered species, is here.

If you need to keep your pet safe, why not doing it in style?

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  1. This last dog is awsome. Adopting tech is just a matter of time in my opinion ( if it hasn’t been adopted yet) I just can imagine that dog running in the middle of the night :)) What an image !

  2. Interesting article. This can develop into a nice business. You can make nice money bt creating dogs clothes. 😉