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Pangaia Launches Vegan Jacket – Wildflowers Instead Of Goose Feathers


Pangaia is one of the most reputed ethical fashion brands today that’s using innovative and sustainably made materials in its products. Self-proclaimed ‘global collective of one heart and many hands’. The brand has a team of scientists, technologists, and designers who believe that can do better for the fashion industry and the world we live in.

Pangaia’s garments are made from renewable and alternative resources, bio and lab-grown materials, recycled textiles and plastics, sustainable and as natural resources, whenever possible.

Pangaia also has an impressive clientele, which includes the music star Pharrell Williams and the basketball legend, Lebron James in one of the few reasons behind the brand’s global recognition and success.

More recently, the brand was again in the news for launching a new vegan jacket that uses wildflowers for insulation, instead of goose feathers. The research team at Pangaia spent almost a decade conducting scientific experimentation to create an innovative, cruelty-free insulation technique for its jackets.

The wildflowers insulation method was a result of the hard work Pangaia’s dedicated team has put in over the last ten years, and it consists in the use of dried wildflowers as natural insulators, which ensures that the jackets remain light and keeps you warm when you wear it.

Pangaia uses wild flowers down and recycled materials in their recently launched vegan jacket

But, this innovative jacket uses more than just wildflowers in its insulation. Plastic bottles and other types of recycled materials were used to make the puffer of the coat, thereby making it 100% sustainable and environment-friendly.

Pangaia, launched this jacket to inspire other fashion brands to come up with ethical clothing lines made from animal-free products.

Thanks to this jacket, Pangaia also aims to change the mindset of people and change the future of the fashion industry so that it focuses more on vegan and sustainable clothing lines. Pangaia’s spokesman stated that the brand will continue to focus on reducing plastic pollution:

“We are starting a movement. For a better now, for a better future.”

The growing hazards caused by the continuous use of plastic and toxic substances in the fashion industry remains some of the worst the world is facing today. In a recent study, a non-profit organisation, Sea Shepherd, proved that if the plastic waste is not reduced at right now, by the end of 2025, the oceans will contain more toxic waste and plastic materials than fish.

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