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A Coconut Kinda Fashion – Nanollose Makes Garments Using Nullarbor Fibre


Nanollose makes garments using Nullarbor Fibre. Nanollose, an Australian tech start-up, has created an innovative garment using Nullarbor fibre, a natural fibre made from coconut by-products. As a sustainable alternative to the clothing made through the environmental challenging process of traditional rayon and cotton fibres, Nanollose’s garment is made from its innovative tree-free rayon fibre, using 3D sweater-knit technology.

Such achievements show how innovative technologies, as a path towards sustainable fashion, could offer eco-friendly manufacturing solutions and alter our wardrobes.

Can Nullarbor Fibre Be The Next Generation Of Fashion Textile?

In all of the garments production steps, Nanollose has employed standard industrial equipment that currently being used by high profile textile manufacturers. As a result, the Nullarbor fibre has a high performance and withstand the industrial manufacturing process.

The company’s managing director, Alfie Germano said:

“This garment is a representation of Nanollose’s another world first achievement that takes us a step closer to offering global clothing and textile manufactures with a sustainable fibre alternative. Since the fashion and textile industry is highly sensory and tactile, having the ability to produce garments is required in securing any commercial and developmental agreements.

Nullarbor by Nanollose - natural fibre made from coconut by-products

Our next plan now is focused on refining our fibre-to-garment manufacturing process. By presenting the showcase garment to clothing and textile groups, now we are able to implement critical learnings uncovered during the process.” He added.

Moreover, Canopy, a global leader in forest conservation, has recognised Nanollose as a next-generation solution provider to the current environmental issues regarding the traditional fashion industry.

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