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New Plant-Based Running Shoes From Reebok Are Here


A few days ago, Reebok announced the launch of their new plant-based running shoes – Forever Floatride GROW.

Correspondingly, the new sneakers are the brand’s first plant-based performance running shoes, created entirely from eco-friendly materials. Additionally, the award-winning running shoes – Forever Floatride Energy – were the source of inspiration for Reebok’s new project.

In effect, they have reinvented the sneakers using only natural materials.

Sustainability Is Looking Good

Reebok shoes

“The earth is a runner’s arena, and we have a responsibility to help detox the world for the athletes who run in it”

Matt O’Toole, Reebok’s brand president.

The plant-based sneakers are a part of Reebok’s fall collection in the upcoming year of 2020. Furthermore, they are made out of castor bean oil, eucalyptus tree, algae, and natural rubber. Talk about fashion innovation!

Plant–Based Sneakers

What’s more, the natural materials mimic the high-performance standards of “normal” running shoes, as they also have lightweight cushioning and flexible soles.

This, however, was also the biggest challenge of creating new plant-based sneakers. Of course, developing new plant-based materials that meet the high performance of runners all around the world is not an easy task. In fact, it took the Reebok designers three years to invent plant-based sneakers that would resonate with serious runners.

Part of Sustainable Footwear Collection

Performance Running Shoes

In essence, Forever Floatride GROW plant-based running shoes are built on the company’s existing Cotton + Corn sustainable footwear collection.

“Our Cotton + Corn collection was the first step in making shoes from things that grow.”

Surprisingly, the shoes that are part of this collection are the only shoes on the market made of 75% USDA-certified bio-based content.

Indeed, the top of the shoe is made out of 100% cotton, while the sole is made out of a corn-based rubber substitute.

“The long-term goal of the collection is to create a shoe that you can bury in your backyard.”

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