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Names Dress – World’s First Compostable Dress 3D Printed With Bio-Plastic


Names Dress‘, world’s first dress designed as a homage to women in STEAM is on exhibit from the 12ve of April 2019 to the 8th of March 2020.

Available to the general public at the Sustainable Thinking show at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, this is the world’s first compostable dress 3D printed with bio-plastic.

3d printed Names Dress

The idea emerged from conversations between Sylvia, Sophia Georgiou, founder of Morphi, and Liz Arum from Ultimaker on the women’s empowering roles in the interconnected fields of tech, sustainability, and design.

The trio compiled, from publicly available sources and referrals, a comprehensive group of key women to be included in the project.

“While the number of women on STEAM is on the rise, their achievements are not always known and celebrated. Finally, ‘Names Dress’ is our perfect tribute to them. Moreover, the dress is a further exploration of the use of sustainable materials in the creations of innovative garments,” added Heisel.

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A creation of Sylvia Heisel, a fashion tech pioneer and head of design at Heisel Lab, ‘Names Dress’ has a unique design which incorporates over 300 handwritten names, 3D printed from flexible, compostable bio-plastic.

The dress was brought to life in a delicate symbiosis between human and machine. Initially sketched with pen and paper, the ‘Names’ were later on written by hand directly into Morphi software on an iPad. For those interested to know more or see the full list of names, here’s the link.

A pioneer in merging additive manufacturing technology with fashion design, Sylvia is known for using 3D printing to produce sustainable fashion garments with zero waste. We wonder, what’s next for Sylvia and Heisel Lab?

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