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Luxury Smartwatches of 2018 – WTVOX Top Five


Luxury Smartwatches of 2018 – WTVox Top Five. The raw, unpolished wearable devices of early 2015 are long gone. A new wave of trendy and luxurious wearables is growing fast and is here to stay. Gone are the bulky watches with plasticky bracelets, nowadays replaced by uber fashionable creations. All ranges, sizes, styles and finishes. Saphire screens, rare leather, precious stones, 24k gold, nothing is too much for the new wave of luxury smartwatches.

As such, as we’ve just entered in the new year, here is our selection of the top 5 most luxurious smartwatches you can buy in 2018.

1. Luxury Smartwatches: Apple Watch ‘Tempo’ Series 3 – GPS + Cellular By Legend

Luxury Smartwatches: Apple Watch 'Tempo' Series 3 - GPS + Cellular By Legend
Not much has changed with Apple Watch over the last two generations. But we think this is positive if you’re the type of buyer that primes the tech over the fashion side of your smartwatch. There are some minor differences but for that, you would have to put the Series 2 and 3 side-by-side to notice them.

The official 3rd series is slightly thicker than the original Apple watch, maybe 1mm on the 42mm version and half of a millimetre on the 38mm, available in aluminium or stainless and ceramic versions.

To date, Apple Watch remains the most divisive watch on the market. For some, it is a revolting square wrist-computer, lacking any style. To others, the Apple watch is classy, sleek, opulent even. We too believe that the new Apple 3 watch is a great-looking device, especially the ‘Tempo’ custom-made model by the Finnish company Legend.

Built on the core of the new Apple Watch 3, this sleek, light, and extremely strong device, is handcrafted to a pearly, lustrous finish that won’t scratch or tarnish.

Tempo watch captivates attention thanks to its complex hand-engraved design, a sumptuous deployment clasp plated in 24ct gold featuring the customer’s initials etched as a monogram, and the authentic crocodile leather strap. All hand engravings are crafted by experienced master engravers and require over 30 hours of work to achieve the perfect finish.

The result is a mesmerizing design which compliments the shape of the Apple Watch. The optional gold-plated docking station makes this watch complete. Order the new Apple Hermes watch from the link below for next day delivery.
Official Website

2. Luxury Smartwatches: Michael Kors Access – Sofie Pave’ Edition

Luxury Smartwatches: Michael Kors Access - Sofie Pave' Edition
Last year Michael Kors brand hit the smartwatches market with a super stylish line of luxury watches called MK Access. The line consisted of two smartwatches: Bradshaw Access and Dylan Access, both with a designed based on the bestselling MK classic watches for women and men.

The 2nd generation of smartwatches from Michael Kors are aimed at fashionistas, and not only the casing and the bracelets have changed, but a new range of Android watch faces designed by Michael Kors has been added as well.

Our choice is the posh MK Access Sofie, priced at only £399 on the official website. You might think that this luxury smartwatch is quite pricey when compared to most smartwatches on the market.

That’s true, but when compared with Montblanc Summit and LV Tambour Horizon luxury smartwatches, MK Access Sofie is one if the best-looking and cheapest smartwatches of 2018, that we have found so far.
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3. Luxury Smartwatches: Montblanc Summit

Luxury Smartwatches: Montblanc Summit and plantinum montblanc pen on a blue leather wallet from montblanc

The first luxury smartwatch combining elegant Swiss watchmaking codes with the latest wearable technologies from Google Android. Montblanc Summit Smartwatch has a classic vintage design inspired by the award-winning Montblanc 1858 series.

Montblanc Summit comes in three different cases: stainless steel black PVD, grade five titanium and in a bi-colour unit that we think has the best of both worlds.

To, pair-up the unit, there are up to eight different strap combinations available; from sporty to classic straps in rubber, calfskin leather, to ‘sfumato’ calfskin leather handcrafted in the Montblanc ‘pelletteria’ in Florence. All in a wide range of tonal colours including black, brown, green and deep blue.

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In addition, Montblanc offers a bespoke service for those wishing to own a custom dial, by working directly with in-house designers and creative directors.

Most notable is the domed sapphire crystal, a staple element among certain luxury watch brands that truly declares a commitment to quality, masking the powerful 400×400 full round AMOLED touch-screen.

Interesting is that the Montblanc Summit is the only smartwatch with a curved sapphire crystal.
Official Website

4. Luxury Smartwatches: Movado Connect

Luxury Smartwatches: Movado Connect
Intuitive, Intelligent, Experiential. Uniting ultimate creativity with connectivity and following the design of Movado Saphire watch, the face of Movado Connect can be customized in over 100 variations by mixing and matching clever design patterns with user data.

Movado Connect brings Nathan George Horwitt’s 1936 design to life. Simply sweep edge to indicate seconds or rotate the single dot representing minutes and the hour is displayed in the centre of the smartwatch.

Its shaded rings are inspired by artist Chul Hyun Ahn’s “Perceiving Infinity,” a work of art that is a physical representation of infinite space.

Beyond its eye-catching artistry and design and visionary Google technology, Movado Connect smartwatch is powered by the latest Android Wear and has a 46.5 mm gold ion-plated stainless steel case.

The round digital dial, made from edge to edge crystal, features over 100 customizable dial variations and can display phone calls, appointments, emails, Google Fit data, running apps, play music, text and social media messages.
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5. Luxury Smartwatches: Louis Vuitton – Tambour Horizon

Luxury Smartwatches: Louis Vuitton - Tambour Horizon
Louis Vuitton has launched its own Android Wear smartwatch – the first smartwatch offering from the famed designer company – called the Tambour Horizon.

The smartwatch comes in a number of different cases such as black, graphite and monogram, paired with a large selection of straps. The Tambour Horizon follows up on the details of LV’s existing watch portfolio. This time, the design adopts the travel theme and also offers a range of travel apps to support its international jet-setting buyers.

The Tambour Horizon case measures 42mm in diameter and 12.55mm in thickness and is made of stainless steel. The back of the case has a sapphire crystal glass face embossed with the Louis Vuitton logo.

The price starts at $2,450 for the regular stainless steel model, and $2,900 for the black variant and again, most android wear buyers might find it very expensive for a smartwatch.

That said, given that the design and style are similar to the acclaimed Louis Vuitton Escale Time Zone mechanical watch priced at $7,200, one could argue that the smartwatch version is an absolute bargain.
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    11 August 2018

    I think the best luxury smartwatch is the Apple watch Tempo series by Apple if you’ve heard of it.

  2. Luxury smartwatches are very important to me. I really like your post, it provides the best information.

  3. Mesmerizing designs but I think most of these are trying to copy the Apple Watch, not as design but as a business model for sure.

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    Ken Tin

    28 October 2018

    Nice smartwatch to get.
    Thanks for your suggestion.