Louis Vuitton Handbags – Is This The Future of Luxury Fashion?


Louis Vuitton handbags – is this the future of luxury fashion? You can say without hesitation that 2019 is the year of flexible displays; from LG’s 18-inch digital newspaper display to Nubia’s smart bracelet and the latest generation of Samsung foldable smartphones.

The last place where you’d expect to find them was the realm of luxury fashion, well, until now. Welcome to the world of futuristic handbags thanks to Louis Vuitton.

Embossed with flexible digital touchscreens, the bags are the creation of Nicolas Ghesquière, the Creative Director for the Women Collection at the French luxury giant.

Louis Vuitton Canvas of the Future Louis Vuitton Canvas of the Future

The innovative luxury handbags were premiered at the brand’s Cruise Collection 2020, which took place at the TWA Flight Center, part of New York’s John F. Kennedy airport.

The choice for the show location was carefully thought; Ghesquière wanted a venue with a futuristic style and the Flight Center – designed by architect Eero Saarinen inspired by the age of space explorations – but abandoned in the ’60s was just what he needed.

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Louis Vuitton Handbags – Canvas of the Future

Louis Vuitton Canvas of the Future

The location also helped tremendously with the theme of the event imagined as a ‘cultural dialogue’ between Paris and New York.

The location, setting, the choice for fashion and accessories was a homage to the first trans-Atlantic crossings that connected the City of Light French luxury house to the skyscraper culture of the Big Apple.

There, Louis Vuitton’s ‘Cruise passengers’ embarked on imaginary round trips between the brand’s exquisite haute-couture and French heritage, to New York’s streetwear culture and underground fashion.

Sensorial voyages between the extravagant elegance of Paris and Wall Street’s rigorosity of office uniforms.

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The French designer’s choice of fusing cutting-edge technology in some of Vuitton’s most iconic bags – while retaining Maison’s signature savoir-faire – is a glimpse into his vision of the future of luxury fashion, while further reinforcing the nexus of two cultures.

Hailed as the most innovative ‘canvas’ to date, according to an LVMH spokesman, “flexible displays have become the reason for reconsidering the digital ‘Canvas of the Future’,” in a breathtaking symbiosis of craftsmanship with technology.

Louis Vuitton Handbags – Flexible Display

Louis Vuitton Canvas of the Future

The traditional blend of brown and cream signature LV emblems and monogram were cut out of the classic canvas and replaced with two 1,920 x 1,440 AMOLED (on some bags) produced by Royole. To match the theme of the event, the screens were showcasing colourful visualizations of urban landscapes from Paris and New York.

Maybe not as popular as Samsung, Royole, the manufacturer of the screens is also the creator of FlexPai, world’s first foldable smartphone.

The company had a flexible screen prototype purse on display at CES 2019 but a spokesman explained that the company wouldn’t mass produce digital screen bags given the prohibitive manufacturing costs.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem for Louis Vuitton. The French fashion house has a completely different luxury pricing strategy that resonates with its consumer segment.

The new generation of fashion tech Louis Vuitton handbags was expected, given that LVMH has been at the forefront of innovation in the fashion landscape over the last five years or so.

Futuristic But Not Cruelty-Free

Louis Vuitton Handbags

However, in a somehow contradictory move, the company remains backwards when it comes to animal leather, continuing to fund and promote its animal leather processing experts.

It is worth noting that this is not the LVMH’s first-time endeavour at digital fashion products. Back in 2017, the French company released Tambour Horizon, one of the most luxurious smartwatches on the market at that time.

As the smartwatch was a success, a Tambour Horizon sports version was launched earlier this year, this time with a Fall-Winter 2019 Precollection watch face created by Virgil Abloh, featuring six colourful logos inspired by the Maison’s universe.

Louis Vuitton Handbags Price

Louis Vuitton Canvas of the Future

So far there is no official announcement on how much the bags are going to cost. Or, on the type of battery, if it is rechargeable, or even if the bags can recharge other digital accessories for that matter.

However, price wise, if we compare the fashion-tech handbags with the brand’s wireless earbuds launched in collaboration with New York City’s Master & Dynamic for around $995, or with the Tambour smartwatch mentioned above and priced around $5,000, you can expect the new Louis Vuitton handbags lineup to cost a bit.

But guess what, isn’t this the only thing luxury shoppers expect from wearable technology in fashion?

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