London Buses To Be Equipped With IoT Sensors


London buses might be fitted with smart sensors after the road safety trials conducted. The intention is to reduce the number of collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

Smart London Buses Fleet

TfL is “upgrading” its London buses fleet. The new safety sensors, which could save the lives of dozens of vulnerable road users, might be installed on all London buses by the end of 2016.
Transport for London asked leading manufacturers to come forward with designs back in 2014. One of the favourites was CycleEye and its pedestrians sensing sensors.

London buses are fitted with smart sensors to protect cyclists

London buses are already using smart technology. Internal CCTV, WIFI, Seat Control, etc.

Cycle Eye was rejected because of the “white noise” it picked up. Roadside railings, traffic lights, etc.
More recent data suggests that the Israeli firm Mobileye could be the maker of new IoT system. The system does not come cheap, and it will cost TfL about £17 million to have the whole fleet of buses covered and connected if approved.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson expressed his interest in the project, straight from the beginning.

IoT Sensors For London Buses And Lorries

“We’ve made some great strides in improving road safety in recent years, and although things are moving in the right direction there is still much to be done.” he said.

The Mayor also revealed that the TfL (Transport for London) is considering making the new IoT sensors mandatory for lorries entering the city centre too. Seven of the eight cyclist deaths this year have been as a result of collisions with HGVs.

London buses are fitted with smart sensors to protect cyclists

The introduction of smart sensors is not new to TfL. New London buses have “smart seat technology.”

One of TfL’s top priorities is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads by 50 percent by 2020.
The new tech will monitor blind spots around the London buses using IoT sensors. Quite a big task to fit all 8.700 buses that are on the road.
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Smart London Buses In A Smart City

There is hope the TtL will begin live trials on London buses, by mid-2016. An expensive upgrade that will make a significant reduction in casualties. Thanks to the new tech, day or night, vulnerable road users, pedestrians, and cyclists will be safer in London.
It is worth mentioning that, the new technology is also part of the new plan that envisions London as a leading “smart city” in the world.
Update: We’ve been approached by the press office at TfL with a few corrections.
Following TfL’s above-mentioned trials, a new project is being planned to determine the role of this safety technology. However, at this moment there are no plans to fit London’s buses with smart sensors.