StyleDotMe Launches MirrAR, A New Jewellery Online Augmented Reality Platform


StyleDotMe launches ‘mirrAR’. Fashion tech startup, StyleDotMe has launched ‘mirrAR, a new augmented reality-based platform for jewellery. With the help of mirrAR, jewellery buyers can try on different pieces of jewellery right from their smartphones or tablets, and get instant advice from fashion experts around the world.

The innovative AR technology differentiates mirrAR AR from all other jewellery platforms available on the market: The potential buyer no longer has to have the real jewellery or to put them in place, as the AR platform uses face recognition techniques to place the jewellery in the right position without the need for human help.

Such innovative technologies not only help fashion brands to improve their e-commerce services and expand their reach but also enhance online shopping experiences and facilitate purchase decisions. In this case, the AR platform gives the buyers a much more convenient try on jewellery while benefiting from instant stylist advice.

MirrAR, A New Jewellery Online Augmented Reality Platform
By further improving the mirrAR platform through the implementation of big data applications, machine learning, and predictive analytics, StyleDotMe aims to solve the problem of high inventory costs as well.

After having PCJeweller as their first client, the company has started to see more jewellery brands showing interest in mirrAR and its new method of AR e-c0mmerce platform, that allows buyers to try on any types of jewellery from any of their favourite brands.

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