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Internet of Things Companies Reshaping The Fashion Industry – Top 5


Internet of Things companies reshaping the fashion industry – WTVOX Top 5. Many tech companies that have participated in the ’70s and ’80s to create and define the PC industry have fared poorly in the smartphone and tablet era.

However, most of those ‘failing’ companies are now leading the Internet of Things wave. Here’s ten of the hottest, most interesting, most buzzed-about Internet of Things companies that are reshaping and creating the future of fashion.

Note: Internet of Things companies listed in alphabetical order and not by any ranking.

1. Ayla Networks – Internet of Things Companies.

Internet of Things Companies for future of fashion - Ayala Networks

Internet of Things companies – Ayala Networks

Ayla Networks enables fashion manufacturers and service providers to connect products quickly and securely by using the industry’s first Agile-driven IoT platform.

Leading makers and large retailers already use Ayla to integrate secure connectivity and data intelligence into products, without changes to existing business models.

2. Ericsson – A Better Future of fashion.

Internet of Things Companies for future of fashion - Ericsson

Internet of Things companies – Ericsson

The Swedish multinational provider of communications technology is one of the Internet of Things companies leading the scene. Over 50 per cent of the global mobile traffic runs through Ericsson networks.

With over 2.1 billion subscribed users, the company has placed the Internet of Things at the core of all of its future products and services, eyeing the fashion industry now.

3. Jasper – By Cisco IoT.

Internet of Things Companies - Cisco IoT

Internet of Things companies – Cisco

Jasper launched as a dedicated Internet of Things platform, deeply integrated into the networks of mobile operators across six continents and can be easily configured to meet the specialised needs of any business, in any industry.

Part of Cisco, another communications giant, the platform provides real-time mobile service management, engagement, support diagnostics, billing, and critical business automation. Jasper is one of the most valued Internet of Things companies to date.

4. Neura – Fashion Innovation.

Internet of Things Companies - Neura IoT

Internet of Things companies – Neura

Neura is slowly becoming the ‘glue’ that connects all Internet of things, by bridging fashion, objects, locations, people, and the internet. Neura believes that garments, devices and ecosystems must be connected if we want to ‘understand the human’.

As such, Neura looks at how contextual elements, such as jet-lag or weather, impact human factors, such as blood glucose with the help of AI.

5. Nordic – IoT Data.

Internet of Things Companies - Nordic

Internet of Things companies – Nordic

Nordic is a specialist in ultra-low-power wireless and connectivity devices for the 5G band.

With ultra-low-power consumption, high-performance output, and low cost this company powers up 95% of all smart apparel types of equipment, electro-couture, and future of fashion connected garments, wireless, voice, and smart consumer electronics.

Internet of Things companies are – behind the scene – connecting people with garments, shoes, home appliances, cars, business devices, and even cities. There’s no future of fashion without them and the work they do.

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