How Technology Is Helping The Fashion Industry To Advance


There is no doubt that technology is changing the world we live in by leaps and bounds. Most industries are facing drastic transformations by the shape of technology, including the fashion industry.

A lot of tech companies such as Google are working with partners in the fashion business on groundbreaking projects as it was the case of Levi’s smart jacket, a project implemented in collaboration with Google.

Technology is helping the fashion industry to advance - Levi's Smart Jacket

Technology allows for more innovative approaches to be put into practice and in the coming decade, every person on our planet will wear smart and sustainable clothes.

Computing in the World of Fashion

Computers have always allowed modern designers to create new patterns and styles, in a massive advancement when compared with the use of traditional tools. But the latest developments allow designers to use and mix styles with sustainable materials such as bioengineered textiles and leather made from microbes.

However, computing does not mean just desktops running new CAD software but machine learning and the use of AI to create a cleaner fashion industry.

Discovering the Role of Artificial Intelligence in FashionTechnology is helping the fashion industry to advance - AI in fashion

Technology, in the shape of digitisation, has also pushed fashion consumers towards a new digital-self. A new social image constructed by feeding our digital world with daily interactions, exchanges, and media consumption on the internet.

For example, social media has become a tool for showcasing lifestyles, express fashion tastes and promote self-constructed images.

The emergent of such digital mediums, in hand with the aid of Artificial intelligence (AI), has created a field of global data mining pools, from where marketers can investigate any imaginable subject, on any possible consumer segments.

The acquired information is used to allow fashion brands to deliver customised services and to examine consumers preferences. More important, Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to play a complementary role in fashion design.

With the help of AI, fashion designers can now predict upcoming trends, dictated by the current fast-changing environment of fashion, and also minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing and production processes.

Moreover, technology, as in its conscious usage, can protect the environment as well. Therefore, only through the adoption of the latest technologies can fashion brands offer both, innovative and sustainable textiles.

People’s Choice: Sustainable Fashion

Technology is helping the fashion industry to advance - sustainable fashion

It is the time to opt-in for sustainable fashion. Our choice of textile has a significant impact on the well-being of the future generation! Our planet and its valuable resources are at stake due to our careless consumption.

However, there is good news. High-end fashion brands are seeking new ways to produce sustainable garments. Either from recycled fabrics, or from organic kinds of materials, such as orange peels, mushroom, or even algae.

And soon, the world will be wearing these extraordinary clothes made from sustainable, earth-friendly materials, at an affordable price.

It is expected that more efforts and the deep expertise will be devoted to the development of projects that aim to save animals from suffering for the sake of fashion all over the globe.

Twenty or thirty years from now, we envision a whole new world and society with a new set of values, which will enable us to live in harmony with nature.

The ‘pro-nature’ approach should exist in all spheres, and especially in fashion as it is now possible to make fur, leather, or silk without animals at all.

Stella McCartney, a well-known vegan designer, has already implemented such innovative ideas and presented garments made in a laboratory. The material of the garment was similar to the silk but made from natural materials.

The designer aspires to keep on working in this direction, signing promising partnership deals with numerous organisations and innovative companies showcasing that this ‘niche’ has a great market potential in the future.

Just like Stella, Adidas has made a similar contribution towards a more sustainable fashion industry by cooperating with ‘Parley for the Oceans’ in a limited edition of sneakers made from the plastic collected from the ocean.

Perspectives of 3D Printing in Fashion

Technology is helping the fashion industry to advance - 3d printed fashion

The rise of 3D printing in the fashion industry and the widespread adoption of such a phenomenon is not a wonder anymore.

Moreover, as its role is evolving, it is critical to highlight that 3D printing finds applicability only in the high-end fashion but also in the low-end, by somehow providing a new range of creative applications.

But the main value of 3D printing tech in fashion is its availability and accessibility to the general public, and thus, open to multiple opportunities for the mass market.

Of course, 3D printing enables professionals to transcend any boundaries of design, as it gives them a chance to turn the most improbable projects into reality.

As an example, let’s take challenging 3-dimensional textile projects,  implemented despite their overall complexity. This incredible technology makes it possible to combine different materials into one piece of cloth, for instance, waterproof textile with a flexible one, and so on.

The choice is unlimited and it depends on the creator’s imagination. Without any doubt, digitally-created clothing will soon hit the stores all over the world in the coming years.

Another important trend to pay attention to is the customisation of garments, which became popular over the last few years thanks to constant technological advents.

The major benefit of customisation lies in a possibility to create fit apparel depending on people’s individual parameters, such as size, height, etc.

It is evident that the adoption of tech in fashion brings more value than meets the eye. On our part, it is imperative to educate on the subject and release constant news regarding the latest projects, collaborations, and plans.

Changes are happening right now. As the representatives of our generation, which is quite revolutionary and innovative, we should be aware of these transformations and share our knowledge with others. Let’s make the world better together!

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