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Top 5 High Tech Sportswear To Up Your Fitness Game


Top 5 high tech sportswear to take your fitness to the next level. Without a doubt, fitness plays a critical role in our life. To support our daily exercises and fitness regime, various fitness labels have focused on designing high tech sportswear.

Thanks to their constant innovations, the garments, shoes, jackets, and even watches, are now more than mere clothes and fitness accessories. They’re part of who we are, by connecting the physical world with the digital one, for a more active and fitter lifestyle.

Here is our selection of top 5 amazing innovations in high-tech sportswear for this year. Let’s dive in the world of fitness with technology!

1. 2XU ICE X High Tech Activewear

ICE X is a high tech sportswear collection designed by the very popular brand 2XU. The brand has used some innovative fabric in a high-filament yarn which is very resistant and facilitates the evaporation of moisture with ease. Therefore, during high-intense exercise, as you sweat, your body and the garment remain dry.

Also, the ICE X line of activewear garments does the same work as a compression suit. Moreover, its ‘on the body’ style is very fit and makes your body look great at the gym.

ICE X technology by 2XU

2. Climachill By Adidas

This innovative fabric used by Adidas was designed to keep you cool and comfortable at the same time. The garments made from Climachill are woven with small aluminium-silver dots which pull heat away from the body. Climachill activewear gives you a refreshing, cool, and pleasant feeling on your skin.

Moreover, Climachill high tech sportswear apparel is designed to provide breathability in the areas of your body where you need it the most, such as armpits and inner tights.

3. Tech-Infused Heated Jackets

Smart jacket by Ministry Of Supply

These heated smart jackets deliver extra capabilities most sportsmen expect during the cold winter months; temperature adjustment properties.

Some of the best jackets made to deliver such innovative attributes are made by the Ministry Of Supply so go and check their heated jackets line.

Heated jacket by Ministry Of Supply

The Boston-based startup launched its ‘intelligent heated jacket’ last year.  Called Mercury, by using thin carbon fibre pads and embedded smart sensors, the jacket is able to change the temperature, whenever the wearer needs it.

4. High Tech Athletic Wear By Nike Hypercool Max Tight

High Tech Athletic Wear By Nike Hypercool Max Tight

High Tech Athletic Wear By Nike Hypercool Max Tight

‘Hypercool’ is another innovation by Nike Pro Series in the high-tech sportswear landscape. The garments are embedded with zoned venting and metallic-like material with the role of reflecting light.

The fabric used in these high tech apparels allows for an intelligent compression which enables the garment to move with the body while keeping the fit look.

Moreover, the Hypercool technology enabled in these tights helps the athlete to manage with ease temperature changes between indoor and outdoor training sessions.

5. FlashDry Technology By The North Face

FlashDry is another innovative technology marketed by the American outwears brand, The North Face. The technology used in the fabric of the brand’s high tech sportswear pushes the moisture to the surface of the fabric instead of allowing it to remain on the skin and build up.

Therefore FlashDry use in the garments keeps you fresh, dry, and comfortable, even during some of the most intense aerobic exercises.

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