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Fermented Fashion – How About Vegan Leather Clothing From Champagne?


Fermented Fashion – It seems to, thanks to Nanollose, a new sustainable material that takes the fashion industry a step closer to its sustainable development endeavour. It all started with Gary Cass, a creative mad scientist, observing that one of his vat of wines has become undrinkable after being contaminated with a bacteria which converted the wine into vinegar.

But what puzzled Gary was not the loss of wine but the unknown, slimy material on the top the vat, similar in structure to cellulose.

Fermented Fashion

Fermented Fashion – From beer, tea, wine, and coconut water

As cellulose is the main component that gives cotton its structure, researchers started looking into whether the sludgy formation at the top of the wine could be used instead of cotton.

While brands continue to promote cotton consumption as ‘organic cotton’ in their attempt to cater for the vegan and ethical consumers, it is worth noting that cotton requires a lot of water, making it an environmentally unacceptable for the fashion industry.

For example, it takes 10,000 litres of water to produce a pair of jeans alone. However, with the help of this new technology companies can create ‘plant-free’ cellulose out of sparkling wine, beer, red or white wine, and even coconut water.

Fermented Fashion – Completely biodegradable

The final material has a textured leather-like look to it and can range from opaque to translucent. Depending on the type of raw material used, different colours can be created. When using white wine or beer becoming, the final material comes out clear, while red wine and tea are producing ruby and dark cherry hues.

Fermented Fashion design Fermented Fashion vegan leather dress

Nanollose has many more properties that make it the ideal material for sustainable fashion lovers. To start with, it is biodegradable. The all-natural material breaks down easily once discarded, with no trace left behind.

It is not toxic to produce when compared with synthetic materials, it is cheaper and easy to manufacture. Also, as the fabric is grown, there is a low cost of manufacturing by cutting out most of the labour needed for cotton-based textile production.

Fermented Fashion vegan shoes

Fermented Fashion – No need for sewing

Additionally, as the material can be directly engineered on the body or the cast, it eliminates the need for sewing, giving fashion designers extra options in the creation of innovative, sustainable garments.

Furthermore, Nanollose, the ‘plant-free’ cellulose fabric can be returned to nature as a medium that supports plant growth.

Fermented Fashion dress

Sustainable Fashion Leather Sustainable Fashion Leather

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