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Fashion Innovation News – Microsoft Partnership With London College of Fashion


Fashion Innovation News – Microsoft Partnership With London College of Fashion. In one of the most notable fashion and technology partnerships to date, Microsoft endeavours to transform the fashion industry. In collaboration with London College of Fashion, Microsoft is granting the future generations of industry leaders access to its latest technological innovations.
Selected students from School of Design and Technology, LCF’s Fashion Business School, and the School of Media & Communication have applied to contribute to this co-created programme.
Fashion Innovation News - Female student from LCF explaining how to use Microsoft HoloLens device

Fashion Innovation News – Access To Emerging Technologies

The students will have access to cutting-edge technologies such as Microsoft’s Internet of Things platform, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and software, and Microsoft’s Mixed Reality (AR and VR) hardware forming a medium for disruptive ideas for the future of fashion.

“Fusing business ideas with mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning provide a pathway to create the digital designers and businesses of the future,” said Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation at London College Fashion.

Fashion Innovation News - Head of Fashion Innovation at London College Fashion. Matthew Drinkwater in a black jumper standing by a white wall in a hallway and wearing a blue Gshock watch

Fashion Innovation News – Leading The Pack

Matthew is the brain behind the world’s first digital skirt, a project prepared for Nokia, and the architect of the 3Dprinted arm designed to help celebrate the launch of Star Wars – The Force Awakens, or the popular wireless charging apparel for Microsoft. Also named in the top 100 most influential in the world of Wearable Technology, Matthew Drinkwater is a true fashion innovation trailblazer.
Fashion Innovation News - Nokia Dress, a dress designed from Nokia smartphones by Matthew Drinkwater, from London College of Fashion
It is not only technology that Microsoft provides but high expertise and mentoring to the teams comprising six students of multiple disciplines at the London College of Fashion. The students will be working on projects aiming to evolve the fashion industry in all aspects; from raw materials, design and production to sales and consumer behaviour and engagement.
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The partnership is backed by industry representatives including sustainability-minded entrepreneur and designer Charli Cohen, fashion creative and the founder of Barattieri Collective, Sofia Barattieri, innovation editor of TheCurrent, Bia Bezamat and designer Hayley Elsaesser, and the founder and the CEO of EON, Natasha Franck.

Fashion Innovation News – Sustainable Development Implications

Maruschka Loubser, senior global marketing manager at Microsoft, noted that the fashion industry had produced exceptional innovations in the last couple of years, and yet, due to consumer, industry and environmental changes, it is critical to evolve and change the way we consume resources. Together, we can create a more sustainable future, while still innovating in cost-effective, time-efficient and collaborative ways.
Fashion Innovation News - Microsoft Partnership with London College of Fashion to give students access to HoloLens headsets. In picture, a female student using the AR headset
The partnership will take place over the course of a semester and will allow students to explore a range of Microsoft technologies, such as artificial intelligence and mixed reality, before choosing one area of study to concentrate on. The prototypes will be showcased at the LCF BA18 exhibition on the 5th of June in London.

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