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Facebook Is Interested In Industrial Automation And Robotics


Facebook, the world’s most popular social network is interested in robotics.

The company has been searching for a person to work as an electrical engineer focused on robotics at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters, according to a recent job posting.

Facebook has been seeking someone for this sort of role since August, if not earlier.

“This person will be responsible for designing electrical system[s] and circuitry for Industrial Automation and Robotics development,” the job posting states.

The successful applicant will join Facebook’s Strategic Engineering and Development team.

The results of the person’s efforts could be deployed inside the massive server farms Facebook counts on to store and serve up user information.

“Data Centre experience a plus,” states the job posting, which is listed under Facebook’s Data Centre Design and Operations group.

Facebook currently employs ordinary humans to perform maintenance on servers and other hardware inside its data centres.

The right person for the job ought to have “10+ years designing electrical systems for industrial automation, vehicles, or robotics,” Facebook said.

The engineer will be expected to “own the electrical design of several hardware systems” and “select and assemble components to make a working reliable system,” according to the post.

Facebook has already expressed an interest in autonomous devices.

Last year Facebook launched a Connectivity Lab, after hiring people from a drone company called Ascenta.

That Connectivity Lab has been hunting for engineers to staff up its Woodland Hills, Calif., office.

Autonomous vehicles have been in the news lately.

Most recently, Uber said it is starting a research and development facility for self-driving cars in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University.

And for more than a year now, Facebook has been operating an artificial-intelligence research arm, lead by Yann LeCun who previously worked on developing mobile robots.

What’s next for Facebook? Robots? Driverless cars? Leave your comments below, please.

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