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EyeFitU by WoW woman in fashion tech – How to find the perfect size of your clothes. Isabelle Ohnemus’s career started in investment banking. She worked for more than ten years in a well-known global investment bank and as a broker in stocks and derivatives.

However, as fashion was always part of her life, she decided to turn it into something more palpable.

To start with, Isabelle started organising private sales at her home for her busy girlfriends who wanted to access the world of fashion in an easy way.

The sales included items from emerging and groundbreaking designers from Italy, Denmark, and France, who had no physical stores in Zurich.
EyeFitU, The world's First App That Helps You Find The Perfect Size
Isabelle’s own place became the company’s exclusive store, and in this trendy and alternative environment, she realised that there is also a massive inconsistency in garment sizing.

Four years ago she founded the EyeFitU, a platform that provides sizing recommendations to consumers for all major brands around the world.

EyeFitU uses a ‘smart’ learning technology which continues to improve by learning from billions of data points. The app can match clothes not only to the average sizes existing on the market but also to atypical body shapes.

In an exclusive interview, Marija Butkovic, the founder of Women of Wearables, talks about the story behind EyeFitU, and its future implications for the future of online retailers in the fashion industry.

Read the entire interview on WoW.

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