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Digital Fashion With Big Data, Bloggers And Influencers


Digital Fashion With Big Data, Bloggers And Influencers.
If you work in Fashion, you know how important it is to have the journalists and the fashion bloggers close to your brand. I nearly said to your heart. They are the key people who can make or break your fashion brand. However, where do you find them and how do you get to interact with these people?

Can Digital Fashion Help Luxury Fashion?

In the 21st century, the fashion brands need more than just a P.R. agency spreading the word with leaflets and banners. Fashion needs tech. Needs digital powers. One of these platforms is the Fashion GPS, a system that helps the fashion industry experts track the Catwalk show invites, RSVPs, designer samples and much more. Another platform, with similar capabilities, is the Paris-based software house, Augure.
Augure is an influencer marketing software with a multimillion-strong database. The news is that is  the two companies are merging to better serve their clients in the fashion industry with real big data insights.
After the merger, the new platform is going to be known as the “GPS Publishing.” The rest of Fashion GPS’s products, including GPS Styles, GPS Radar, GPS Events and GPS Samples, remain the same.

Augure’s tech is going to be used to improve the “launch-to-market” platform by helping its clients identify, analyze and reach out to the most influential “newsmakers” in fashion. The combined number of customers has now reached over 1.700 agencies and brands, in over 70 countries.

Digital Fashion And Influencer Marketing

“With the right digital data, creating momentum in fashion becomes an exact science. The aim is to create strong connections with the relevant communities and activate the appropriate influencers. The platform lets us interact with them before, during and after the fashion show. In this way, the brands have the opportunity to limit the risk of failure and impact their bottom line.” Said Michael Jais, former CEO of Augure.

The beauty and the fashion brands are focusing more than ever on the influencer marketing, and the company’s meaning of the word “influencer” goes beyond social media stars, top fashion bloggers or digital tastemakers. The new digital fashion software can also measure the influence of online and offline (newspapers) editors and retailers.
digital fashion platform for luxury fashion
The database of the platform has now over 4 million contacts that you can interact with. Not only that but it is also able to perform cross-industry searches and discoveries for new, upcoming brands. For example, if a fashion designer wants to launch into a new fashion market, let’s say casual shoes, her/her can now tap right into the casual-focused audience.
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So how does the new platform work? The Augure software measures the influencers value through specific metrics: “Echo,” or how the audience is sharing the information. “Voice,” that is detailing on specific fashion topics and areas that the influencers or the publications converse about, and”Reach” that is covering the combined audience.

Big Data And Digital Fashion

Let’s now combine the amount of big data the Augure platform can collect and analyse, with the tech provided by the Fashion GPS’s, and you’ll start to realise what the fashion experts are going to work with and benefit from.
To this point in time, the integrating of Fashion GPS with Augure is still ongoing. We expect its final implementation by the end of June. The timing is great as it gives the fashion designers and the show planners enough time to learn how to take advantage of the platform, for the next fashion shows to come. I am thinking of the New York Fashion Week in particular, at the end of the year, in September.

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