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Japanese Retailer Uses Innovative Tech To Deliver Custom Fit Clothing For Everyone


Custom Fit Clothing for everyone – The expansion of Japanese retailer, ZOZO, to seventy-two countries, might signal that combining consumer-centric thinking with innovative technology is the end of standardised sizing in fashion. Despite the industry’s fast movement towards more personalised products, the experience of buying clothing that fits to perfection has remained somehow frustrating.

That is, in part, because keeping up with today’s fast-changing fashion environment and consumer demand, clothes are produced in mass following the same design pattern.

Also, by using the same shape for all existing sizes, fashion brands are able to cut the costs of their production. More than that, the existing technology reduces the capacity of fashion brands to create clothes with a perfect fit for all body types. Until now!

ZOZO Makes Custom Fit Clothing Possible For Everyone

The largest online fashion retailer in Japan, ZOZOTOWN, has found a solution to fill this gap in the fashion industry. The Japanese retailer has just launched its own fashion brand, ZOZO, that uses a revolutionary technology to get rid of the standard apparel sizing, in the shape of the ZOZOSUIT.

The CEO and Founder of the company, Yusaku Maezawa, wants to create a “size-free” world where labels such as Petite, Curvy, Tall or Plus size no longer exist.

ZOZO Makes Custom fit Clothing Possible For Everyone
In order to solve the issue of standardised sizing, ZOZO makes custom fit clothing possible for everyone in two simple steps: First, the buyer has to wear the ZOZOSUIT, an at-home measurement smart garment, which allows for precise measuring of the body.

Second, through the use of a human-centric approach to pattern making, the ZOZO app collects and sends the precise measurements to the brand. As such ZOZO can create clothing in the shape and size of each individual customer.

How Custom Fit Clothing Works With ZOZOSUIT

The ZOZOSUIT functions by using 300 to 400 unique dots to measure your body through the ZOZO app. The customer uses their smart phone’s camera to take twelve photos, and the end result is a three-dimensional view of the customer’s body shape.

With the help of the app’s audio-guided process, the entire measuring session is straightforward and easy to achieve. Put on your ZOZOSUIT, place your smartphone on the provided stand and begin the measuring process.

After about 3 minutes the measuring process is completed, and you will be able to see a full 3D render of your body on your smartphone. Now that your measurements have been taken, an exact fit clothing can be ordered from the ZOZO website.

To meet all of your personal preferences, the company allows for extra customisations, such as adding length to jeans or widening the collar of t-shirts.

 Welcome To The Next Generation Of Custom Fit Clothing

The production process of ZOZO clothing is as advanced as the measuring process. ZOZO jeans, for example, have thousands of pre-produced cutting patterns, and in some cases, the jeans can be delivered within just 3-4 days. Once your size has been measured by the ZOZOSUIT, all you have to do is pick up your clothing from the online shop or via the app.

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Furthermore, the company is working on the development of a collection of sophisticated ‘Wardrobe Essentials’, designed to add new styles every month. In order to get your own ZOZOSUIT you have to sign-up on ZOZO website. The ZOZOSUIT is free of charge (postage may be charged) and is set to start shipping in August.

To celebrate the launch of ZOZO, the brand are giving away a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to the first 100,000 customers for free, on a first come first serve basis until 30th August. Sign-up now at

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