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Finding Fashion Influencers With Artificial Intelligence


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Finding Fashion Influencers With Artificial Intelligence. Condé Nast is now tapping into Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, to help build and strategise social influencer campaigns for brands.

A new partnership was announced today between IBM, Influential, a brand advertising agency and Conde Nast. The merger allows the owner of Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and many more fashion magazines to use big data and find social media celebrities for marketing campaigns.

Using software built by IBM and Influential, Condé Nast’s magazines will be able to match influencers’ demographics and personality traits with the audience it’s targeting.

“Within the dating sense of the word, we are matching people based on different data points,” said Influential CEO Ryan Detert. “We’re a matchmaker—just with multiple points of vetting.”

For example, if a brand wants to find somebody who’s adventurous, Watson—which can analyse the last 20,000 words and emojis an influencer has published—helps weed out those that are more prone to doing vlogs from their couch.

If a brand wants to pitch an action film, they might input keywords like “action” and “explosion” to see which influencers have used them the most.

Once the data analysis is complete, Watson then picks out five, 10 or a few dozen candidates for humans to choose from.

Competitive analysis by Watson also looks at whether an influencer is already pitching products for related brands or if a person has ever been arrested.

IBM Watson won Jeopardy! in 2011. Now, the advanced cognitive system is reading and analysing vast amounts of industry data, and answering even bigger questions.

The advanced cognitive system is reading and analysing vast amounts of industry data and answering even bigger questions.

It all comes down to better understanding the consumer experience, said Stephen Gold, VP of IBM Watson.

Every reader has countless options for where to consume content. Watson considers 52 unique attributes for each person:

Are they open-minded?
Are they dutiful?
Are they outgoing?

IBM – Finding Fashion Influencers

The more Watson knows about an individual, the more it can help brands know what will resonate.

Until recently, computers were unable to reason deductively like humans by inferring truths based on a series of other facts, Gold said.

While computers like Watson have made large strides in deductive and inductive reasoning, Watson can now begin to advertising abductive reasoning by making suggestions for an answer, based on available facts.

“The way I think about it, and maybe this is too simplistic, but you used only to have so many levers you could pull. Some of those are foundational, others about style, and the techniques that are employed, but you quickly run out of things that you can change”, said Gold.

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