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Biometric Tattoos, From Wearables To Digital Health


Biometric Tattoos are the future of wearables. Following on a prior article published on WT VOX, “the future of wearables is not wearable“. Well, it is but not in the wearable form we know these days.

As sensors shrink, wearables will shrink too until they disappear inside our bodies. Fashion Technology is an exception here, but that is a topic for another article.

Biometric Tattoo on an arm

A simple biometric tattoo with a battery, electric paint and a GPS tracker.

There are intermediary stages, of course, and the wearable tattoos are one of them. Chaotic Moon is a firm based in Austin, Texas, best known for its fire-breathing drones and fitness trackers that let you earn bitcoins.

But now, the “digital tattoo” is another expertise they have. These “biometric tattoos” are in fact conductive paint and components. Together, they assemble into simple devices able to collect data from your body.

Biometric Tattoos – The Next Step In Wearable Tech

Biometric tattoos allow you to monitor your body temperature, detects if you’re stressed based on your sweat, heart rate and the level of your hydration. You can then sync your data via Bluetooth to your mobile, insurance company or your doctor.

The biometric tattoo kit is in the prototype stage right. Once tested and ready for the market, this device could revolutionise the way we “communicate” with our doctors, etc.

“The next step in wearables are the BioWearables. It is a green, non-invasive tech that turns you into a human circuit board.” The CEO of Chaotic Moon, Ben Lamm.

It is not only medical use you can get out of a biometric tattoo. It can be used in military applications too. You can wear it underneath your jacket, right on the skin to collect real-time data and send it back to the unit.

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Or you can use these tattoos for location-tracking during concerts or, for keeping track of your kids at an amusement park.

In the long term, the tattoo kits would be cheap, non-invasive “devices” that people could stick on without the need to charge from time to time or get in your way.

As I write this, I keep scratching my Apple Watch on the sharp side of my MacBook. With a flexible tattoo, that would not happen. The biometric tattoo is a temporary job. Once the job is done, you can wash it off, just like a temp fashion tattoo.

electric paint pot used for Biometric Tattoos by chaotic moon

You can use your body as a canvas and draw your own circuits with electric paint.

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On a recent update, we’ve found the Chaotic Moon in talks with a few strategic partners. The company is eager to take this concept to the market before the end of 2016.

“We’re looking at this as a human circuit board and the human body as a platform that we can build on top of.” The CEO of Chaotic Moon, Ben Lamm.

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    19th July 2016

    don’t think biometric tattoos are ever gonna take off. in fact, i’m sure we’ve already made the jump to implantables and that’s it. pretty much Kurzweil was right all along