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Apple Watch Series 4 Latest News & Launching Date


Apple Watch Series 4 Launching Date – Latest News. Apple Watch Series 4 rumours: thinner and with a full-screen display? In less than ten days Apple will gather all Apple fans and professionals at their Cupertino campus for the 2018 autumn keynote.

Apple plans to reveal not only its new iPhone 2018, most likely called iPhone XS, but also unveil a new generation of Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4 large screen
As Apple is leading the wearable smartwatches ranks, Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch has the difficult task of improving the good results of its predecessors.

According to the latest rumours, apart from the introduction of the ‘e-sim card’, Apple has further enhanced the comfort of wearing the watch by breaking down the sharp edges.

Apple Watch Series 4 comparison with apple watch series 3

Also, the frames of the screen were reduced to a point where  Apple Watch Series 4 might become the first full-screen display in the world of smartwatches, at least according to 9to5Mac rumours.

The Apple dedicated website has managed to get hold of some presentation slides which reveal the design of the new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 official pics

According to 9to5Mac latest rumours and pics (see above)  Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a new ‘borderless’ display.

The new screen is up to15 per cent bigger than the previous models, giving expectations to be able to reach more ‘on-screen’ apps and information in addition to the classic eight icons available around the hands.

Apple Watch Series 4 genuine pics

The 9to5Mac leaked images also show a new opening between the side button and the digital crown – also revised and corrected regarding its design, as it is no longer full red but a more subtle red circle.

The 9to5Mac experts believe the side hole to be an additional microphone as part of the new Apple Watch.

And yet, despite the all-new display, the Apple Watch Series 4 dimensions remain unchanged to ensure complete compatibility with the Apple watch straps already on sale.

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Apple Watch Series 4 style Apple Watch Series 4 winter style

Apple Watch Series 4 leather bag Apple Watch Series 4 all black suit

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