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Amazon Tap – Everything You Need To Know


Alexa, the “smart voice” assistant from Amazon, expanded her reach yesterday as the company introduced two new Echo products. The Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap are, in fact, the smaller versions of the original Echo device from Amazon. There is no doubt that the first Echo was a tremendous market success. Amazon was so impressed with the market’s demand for the Echo that even called it “unprecedented” at that time.

With such success, it was just a matter of time before the company came to extend its line of Echo devices, to cover the demand and keep its consumers happy. Here is everything you need to know about the new Amazon Tap.

Amazon Tap – Design And Features

amazon tap charging dock
Amazon calls its new device a “great Bluetooth speaker,” and there is a reason for that. The Amazon Tap has a cylindrical shape, it is 6.5 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide, weighs around 450g, it looks and it sounds like a speaker.

The device has all the audio controls right on top, for easy access and thanks to the Dolby sound, pushed through the dual 1.5-inch drivers, the sound quality is better than in most speakers available on the market for the same price.

The “Tap” can be charged either with the included charging dock or via an ordinary USB cable. The battery of the “Tap” lasts for about nine hours of full playback on a full charge and up to three weeks in standby mode.

Enough with praising the speaker value of the Tap, as the real reason you would buy this device is its Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant built-in capabilities. As it is the case with the original Echo, you can use your voice to command Alexa to answer questions, to play your favourite music from your playlists or to buy something from Amazon for you.
amazon tap protective case
However, there is one significant difference here. When compared with the original Echo and the Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap does not come with the omnidirectional microphones installed. Because of that, you will not be able to command your gadget from anywhere in the room but an only front facing and close to the speaker.

Moreover, just like the Echo, the Tap needs Wi-Fi to work so if you are out with the Tap to impress your mates with your new speaker but need answers to some “burning” questions, you’ll need to turn on the tethering on your mobile to get Alexa to work.

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If the speaker is what interests you the most, you can buy a rubber case for under 20USD to protect the device but also clip it to your backpack for easier access and convenient use. The Amazon Tap will cost you 129.99 USD and will be released on March 31.

We love the new Tap. The idea that you could throw your Alexa in a bag, get her to play you some great music on your way to the office and even answer some of your questions, appeals to us a lot. I am sure you agree that Amazon is already “tapping” on our wallets again.
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